What Went Right? You Picked the Right Habit!

Time to pick the habit that will deliver to self-change.

Posted Jul 05, 2010

You've decided to change yourself. You're focusing on what went right last time you changed yourself. You've decided to focus on a habit, and now you know that you need to focus on one habit only.

Time to pick a habit.

This might be an easy decision or it might be a hard one. But, regardless of difficulty, we can again look to your past behavior to help you. You were successful at self-change last time because you focused on a key habit, you could call it a linchpin habit, that put you on the road to self-change.

If you decided to get into better shape, you probably decided to exercise more often. But what kind of exercise did you choose? What, exactly, was that new exercise habit? Or, if you decided that you wanted to be "more social," how did you go about it? Did you go to more parties? Did you make a habit of trying different social clubs? Or, did you keep up on current events and popular media so that you could chat with people at work?

The habit that you decide to create or change is all important. It's important because it is how you will achieve your self-change. More physical exercise will lead to better health. Attending more parties will lead to more social contacts and fewer lonely evenings.

The habit that you choose is also important because it is specific. By focusing on one habit you know what you are supposed to be doing and you can plan accordingly.

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