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Jean Pollack Ph.D.


Therapy In Your Pajamas

Stress free therapy and life coaching in your pajamas,phone or text therapy

In the Scientific American May, June, 2011 issue Distance Therapy Comes of Age ' by Robert Epstein states that with distant therapy you can see your progress in black and white referring to people who text with their therapist. The sessions are visible and can be reviewed for progress. He also mentions that research demonstrates that remote email Chat voice or text can effectively treat cognitive, behavioral and emotional disorders.

College age students that I work with find it very convenient to text me about their anxiety, relationships, school stress before class or even during class but they enjoy the quick effective interaction which is more convenient for them. Most of them are away from home, unable to come into my office and are busy and distracted by projects and socializing. They may not reach out for help if phone sessions or texting were not available.

These creative alternative therapy sessions are becoming more popular. Emailing is another preferred option for some people who like to update their therapist during the week, so that they don't forget important topics to discuss during the week. They can also ask for help during the week or bring their therapist up to date before their next session. Emailing, texting, Skyping and phone sessions are a quick and easy confidential way to solve problems with a professional. People are busy. Mothers find the convenience of Skyping , texting ,chat and phone sessions an easy alternative when their child is sick at home, when the weather is inclement or when they want to stay in the comfort of their home in their lounging clothes and have a therapy or life coaching session.

Many of my clients request a behavioral plan for managing their children and /or their lives. They are concerned about their families and how to help everyone work together in a less stressful environment. We create, review or edit the behavioral plan while it is implemented in the home. This behavioral plan is a personalized plan to reduce problem behaviors or increase desired behaviors. Behavior plans are developed with the family's input. They discuss minor problems like clutter and chores not being completed or major problems such as impending divorce, significant behavior problems or other major life events. These transitions can create ongoing stress, arguing and anger. Life coaching helps people to identify target behaviors and then learn how to take steps toward change. Short term and long term behavior goals are created. Behavior charts, reward systems and consequences are developed and put into their daily activities. This can be done through phone, chat, email or Skyping session. Great success is seen by most with weekly or biweekly review and revision until there is less stress and more communication cooperation and fun. It keeps them involved with their life coach or therapist and keeps them supported and accountable. It is helpful, convenient and HIPPA compliant with the software that I use on my site.

Couples sessions by Skype offer people convenience, emotional support and guidance through transitional periods. Many couples are working until late hours. They are commuting distances and are fatigued by the end of the day. Skyping offers them sessions in the comfort of their home with the confidence of confidentiality. Although in person talk therapy will continue to be around, the new electronic tools are a convenient option for many.