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Highly Sensitive Children

Do you believe in indigo children?

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"I always have more energy than everyone." —Noah, age 9

Speaking on my teleconference last night, I had multiple moms and dads ask: Is my child highly sensitive? Are they normal? It feels like they are more than just sensitive. Besides the regular challenges of parenting children when they are highly sensitive, there is another “layer” of care needed, and along with that, I am finding that many children are what I would call highly sensitive plus.

Plus What?

So what I have discovered is that the majority of highly sensitive children have something else going on too. Along with this foundation of high sensitivity (read more here), there are also some additional characteristics these HSC + share. They are:

  • Stubbornness
  • High energy
  • Quick to anger
  • Shared mindset (for example, needing things to be fair)

Sophia, one of my highly sensitive child clients, is not only sensitive, but also incredibly intense, stubborn, and often easy to upset. She is only 3 years old, but her mom is having a hard time figuring out how to help her. For example, Sophia’s mom found her kicking the front porch last night out of anger, and her mom was left scratching her head.

Said differently, the regular ways of raising children are over. We have now stepped into an age where we must help children not just physically — but also energetically, emotionally, mentally, and socially to gain skills to help them manage their emotions better. With Sophia, I taught her breathing exercises to let go of her angry energy in a more skillful way. The good news is that this skill, along with some other techniques, really worked for her.

The New Children

Our highly sensitive children are oftentimes more than just really sensitive. I have observed they share an intensity and frequently giftedness that isn’t explained by being sensitive. Along with that, I see they have what many in the metaphysical community would call indigo personality traits, such as: need for honesty, high level of independence and strong need to be equal to others, among other things.

Whether you believe in indigo children or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that there is a new generation of highly sensitive plus children that need so much more from us as therapists, parents, teachers, healers, and neighbors. I invite you to come along as I explore this topic in upcoming blogs . . . the only requirement is an open mind.

Maureen Dawn Healy is a popular author, speaker, and counselor working with parents and children globally. Her specialty is helping highly sensitive indigo children succeed. Her last book, Growing Happy Kids, guided adults to nurture in their children a deeper sense of confidence and ultimately happiness. In September of 2013, Maureen's new book hit the shelves: The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids.

To learn more about Maureen’s sessions, classes and schedule: or @mdhealy

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