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Intentions (Kid-Style!)

Are your kids setting school intentions?

Sending kids back to school includes a flurry of activities such as acquiring school supplies, clothes, and gear to arm your child for a new wave of learning. It is also a time of constant change with summer ending quickly and school beginning soon. Such change often elicits a wide array of emotions in kids such as excitement to see friends, nervousness to start a new school and a little scared feeling since there are so many new things (i.e. grade, teachers, friends, schoolwork). So ushering kids through such change successfully is greatly helped by connecting them to something greater (i.e. dreams, hopes, unique talents and creativity). It is this connection that has the potency to inspire their best efforts and most enjoyable year!

Setting School Intentions

Connecting kids to their dreams is powerful. Erin, age 8, is starting third grade and wants to be a rocket scientist (literally). Last week, we sat down and decided what she needed to do in third grade to really feed her enthusiasm. We came up with three goals: A) save up her allowance and purchase a microscope, B) go see the star show at the local planetarium and C) research and talk to a real-live rocket scientist. Erin felt she absolutely 150% felt like these were goals that she could do in third grade along with the "regular" reading, writing and arithmetic program.

Every child is uniquely talented. Encouraging your child's interests and connecting them to their strengths is positive parenting. I believe such a connection is best fostered in helping kids not just head back to school aimlessly but through focusing their minds - or setting specific school-year intentions.

Here's another example. Matthew, age 10, loves music. He has been really, really wanting to learn a musical instrument such as the guitar, banjo or ukulele. So we sat down and focused his mind! What does he really want to do? A) Listen to each instrument live and pick one to learn, B) Purchase one used or new (with help from parents) and C) Take lessons. So along with the traditional school program Matt is thrilled that this year, he will also live his musical dream.

Every child so deeply wants to express his or her unique talents. And even though life gets busy and frantic - I promise taking the time to set some clear and identifiable goals that empower your child's interests is really at the heart of true education.

Enlightened Education

So as more and more adults are mindfully raising their children to express their unique talents, empower their dreams and become their best selves - this world is transforming. It is this evolution that is speeded up by the power of a child's focused mind to manifest their dreams into reality. And isn't that every parents wish - to see their child's dreams come true?

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