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Blue Monday and Hope!

Can hope override Blue Monday?

Posted Jan 20, 2009

As I post this entry, my first one of this blog, my husband and my two youngest children have just ridden their bikes home from watching Barack Obama get sworn in as our 44th president down on the National Mall.

As a lifelong Washingtonian, and fifth generation resident of this city, I have a special love for my hometown. Today, the city is bristling with hope and jubilation, and the mood is so contagious that my family wanted to ride down and feel the vibes themselves. Their happy faces as they walked back into our house told me that they had witnessed something they'll never forget.

Today is a special day, and it comes one day after what has been called "Blue Monday," the so-called saddest day of the year. Typically, the third Monday of January is thought to be the saddest day of the year because it is the day that credit card statements roll in reflecting holiday overspending, New Year's resolutions have been broken, and the weather is still gloomy.

As the primary author of "Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide" (Sterling 2009), I write about Blue Monday and how we can offset its effects in a few ways.

1. Catch the mood of hope and happiness. Happiness is contagious, and people who are happier are more likely to accomplish their goals. Being in Washington, D.C. today, or anywhere that people are celebrating, is bound to do the trick.

2. Make sure that your New Year's Resolutions only have one willpower-related goal at a time if you'd like to maximize your chances of success. Willpower is a resource that we deplete throughout the day, and if we deplete it too often with too many willpower goals, we make it harder for ourselves to succeed.

I cover these and many more topics in "Creating Your Best Life," the first book to connect the science of goal-setting with the science of goal accomplishment. So if you want to always go after your very best life, be sure to have this book as your trusty guide so that Blue Monday never strikes you!

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