How Facebook Live is Helping to Ease my Depression

Social Media & Depression SmackDown

Posted Nov 14, 2016

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Pain. Muscle aches. Neck sore. Always thirsty. Oversleeping. Carbo craving. Guilt ridden. Fatigue. No comprehension. Anxiety riddled. Yup – I am a walking cliché of depressive symptoms. I wish I could say I wasn’t. But I’m not special. And just because I have a lot of ‘good’ days strung together does not exempt me from the black dog nipping at my heels. Oh who am I kidding? The black dog is biting my ass right now and isn’t letting go. Yeah – depression sucks.

I know turning back the clock can bother all of us. But I didn’t know those of us with a vulnerability for depression are hit even harder. A recent study just published explains it. Interestingly, the researchers found that it wasn’t the shorter days that cause the biggest disruption, but the time change. Knowing about this study doesn’t make the black dog go away, but it’s oddly comforting.

To be sure, this depression will pass IF I get my butt (which apparently has a black dog dangling from it) in gear. Easier said than done of course. Because the very nature of depression is well… not caring, apathy and emptiness. Those aren’t really elements that inspire action. So I’m taking to Facebook for some accountability and support.

My plan is called Depression Smack Down!  It’s 7 days of Operation Depression be Damned 2.0. This sucky seasonal depression hit me last year – so this plan of attack is the next iteration with new media and everything.  Social media can quickly become anti-social media and reinforce isolation (poison to us trying to tread above mucky minds). But FB live actually helps me feel connected, get support and keep me accountable in the gentlest sort of way. I’m calling it ‘FB love’ right now ‘cause of all the positive comments and cheerleading.

For the past 6 day, I've been going for a run (one of my go-to anti-depressant tools) and afterwards posting a FB live video about where I’m at and what I’m doing to shake the black dog off my butt. I end each Smack Down video with a throw down for all who are watching. Day #2: Get outside, move your body, smell fresh air. Day #3:  reach out and connect with someone safe and be honest about how you feel. Day #5: Build up your bank of wellness by continuing to do what works.

Wellness warriors, this is my smack down directive to you: what creative way can you grab your depression and throw it for a loop and onto the mat? If you aren’t experiencing depression, what are you doing to make a good thing better.

The last and seventh smack down day is tomorrow. I'll let you know the outcome. Let me know yours! Feel free to friend me on FB!

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