What’s Your Psychiatric Super Power?

What's Your Psychiatric Super Power?

Posted Nov 24, 2014

Mental illness (of all sorts: bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia) has a way of derailing our lives, but it also has the uncanny ability to edge us towards our best selves.

In my interview with Andrew Solomon, he believes the healthiest thing for people to do is to integrate the experience mental illness into the rest of their lives. He observes that people who do that are the ones who “tend not to be able to avoid a subsequent relapse, but to be well prepared for it when it occurs.”

I too have seen and experienced the more I accept my mental illness the more I am liberated from it. Not because I’m not affected by relapses or symptoms, but because I am more willing to be proactive in the treatment and management of it.

And with that, my ‘psychiatric super powers’ are honed and emerge more fully. I’ve discovered more of my strengths because I have bipolar disorder. I’ve learned I’m more tenacious, mature, open, patient and resilient than I thought I was or ever could be. And I know you have too. Even if you haven’t recognized it yet.

So do yourself a favor. Right now get a pen, a piece of paper and write three strengths that have been developed because of facing bipolar disorder. Do it and tell me what they are. Check out the super powers of others on my  'Mental Health Mantra' FB page.

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Photo: Pixabay: Kevin Sorensen