Childfree Topics in the News: Spring 2012

Childfree issues are all over the web these days.

Posted Apr 30, 2012

As a blogger on matters relating to the childfree life, I’m on the web daily to see what’s popping up. More and more is being written on life without kids, rights of non-parents, and basic misunderstandings about childfree adults. Below are a few topics in the news today.

 Mothers Secretly Envy Childfree Women

 This blog was actually written by a mom, and many parents commented that she was off her rocker, that being a parent is the best and they have no regrets. I felt that the author did a great job of spelling out some basic negatives that come with having kids, including missing out on sleep and being less able to devote oneself to career. Check out the full article at:

 Childfree Women Yearn to be Mothers

 This well-read article tells the poignant story of a woman who is now in her early 40’s and had an abortion when she was in her late teen years. And while she was clearly not mature enough to be a parent at the time, she has great regrets about her decision and yearns to have the child that she gave up. For me, this article is more about guilt or grief related to her abortion than it is about her not becoming a mother. I’m sure that many people reading her story will jump to the conclusion that most childfree adults also wish that they were parents. The reality is, from my experience, that most childfree adults are quite satisfied with their life status, just as most parents will claim that they’re glad they had children, even if they were unplanned. For more, read Kate Spicer’s well-written composition on this most personal experience.

Childfree Travel

 I wrote about this in my last blog, but it continues to be a hotly debated topic on the web. It will be interesting to see how consumers respond to Malaysia Air’s debut of a childfree zone in a flight this summer. My article received a number of comments from offended moms, especially the sentence implying that breastfeeding onboard next to one’s aisle mate might not be a great idea.  To read more about Malaysia Airline’s upcoming flight with a childfree zone, go to:

 Misconceptions about Childfree Women

As the author cited below, a teacher, points out, women without kids are often thought to be child-haters. She herself is a teacher, having devoted her life to children, and yet she’s always known that having children of her own is not what she wants. The key idea here is that we all make life choices or stumble into life situations, but our reasons and circumstances are quite varied. Read more at:

 Friendships May Change When One of You Has a Child

It makes sense that a new baby will be front and center in the life of a mom, and her friendships may suffer as a result. I often hear childfree women express their sense of loss and the anxiety they have when they hear that a friend is pregnant. For more on this, read Laura Carroll’s blog:

 Discrimination Against Childfree Adults Truly Exists

I’ve heard many stories about preferential treatment given at work to parents and the frustration experienced by childfree adults as a result. Check out this comment from a teacher who is the only one at her school without kids. As a result, she’s asked to take on extra work so that her parenting peers can be more available to their children. Have you experienced similar discrimination?

Childfree Women Earn More!

Here’s a great article discussing the true reasons for the gap in earnings between men and women. I was happy to read this, as it’s truly been my experience as a woman who works fulltime and has never had a break from my career.

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