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How to Snack Mindfully During Quarantine

Avoiding "snaccidents" while staying at home.

Have you been struggling with mindless eating, emotional eating, or stress eating while at home? If so, you aren't alone: It's a natural reaction to reach for comfort foods during uncomfortable times.

There are so many factors that contribute to mindless eating during quarantine:

  • Stress and uncertainty
  • Being out of your normal routine
  • More access to food throughout the day
  • Boredom/procrastination
  • Emotional eating
  • Anxiety
  • New duties and schedules
  • Worry

Here are some tips for you to avoid emotional eating or "snaccidents" when you are wandering toward the kitchen. ("Snaccidents" is the term I use to explain unintentional overeating or emotional eating.)

Snacking Mindfully

S—Slow down! Consciously choose a snack. Don't just eat what’s handy or convenient. Actively and intentionally choose something tasty and reduces hunger.

N—Notice your hunger level on a scale from 1 to 10. (10=completely full and 1=extremely hungry). Notice whether you are eating because you are hungry or feeling uncomfortable/emotional.

A—Ask yourself, What are my options? Name 3 possible snacks you could have right now. Or, name three things that you could do to help cope with that emotion (ex. distraction, relaxation).

C—Choose thoughtfully. Ask yourself, Will this snack meet my needs? Will it take the edge off my hunger or craving?

K—Kindness. As you eat the snack, ask yourself, "Am I being kind to my body right now? Should I stop right now or keep eating?" If you want more, pick up another bite and continue to ask yourself this question until your answer is "I'm satisfied."

Here is an infographic of the steps to follow whenever you reach for a snack. (And here's a download to hang on your fridge.)

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Dr. Susan Albers
Mindful Snacking
Source: Dr. Susan Albers