A Creative Way to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

A Fun Strategy for Letting Go of Stress & Anger

Posted Dec 05, 2015

Source: istock

This is a really fun and creative way to soothe yourself without food.

Uncomfortable emotions such as anger and frustration may make you want to raid the cabinets. That's what emotional eating is, stuffing your feelings down with food.

The next time you're feeling angry, try this:

Write down all your grievances on small strips of paper.
Place them into several balloons and blow them up.
Put the balloons on the ground.
Please your senses by stomping on the balloons.

(If you have animals or small children, be sure to pick up the pieces of balloon when you're done popping them as they can be a choking hazard.) 

If you've been soothing yourself with food for most of your life, go easy on yourself. Making the transition can take time. Just remember, the more you practice these alternative, fun techniques, the more automatic they will become. 

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