Expert Tips to Avoid Overeating Candy on Halloween

Tips for Avoiding Mindlessly Eating Halloween Candy

Posted Oct 27, 2015

All holiday celebrations involve food, and Halloween is certainly no exception. The only difference between it and other holidays is that candy is the main course.  How can you get through this dark and spooky night without overeating Halloween candy?

Follow these tips:

1) You often are thinking about the next piece of candy before finishing the one you have. To slow down and enjoy each piece of candy as you are eating it, eat with your opposite hand (if you are left handed, eat with your right). This will help prevent you from mindlessly popping candy into your mouth. Research indicates that this simple swap can cut down on how much you eat by approximately 30 percent. -Susan Albers PsyD, New York Times Bestselling Author of EatQ

2) On Halloween, expect that your kids and your neighborhood’s children will overdo it on candy. When your kids get home from their trick-or-treating, invite your kids to bounce around for a Family Sugar-Off Dance.  -Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC
Accidental Sugar Liberator

3) Let your dinner cook itself! Both kids and parents overeat Halloween Candy because pizza delivery leaves you hungry and cooking a healthy dinner cuts into trick-or-treating time. Instead, let your crockpot cook your hearty and nutritious dinner for you.-Elaine De Santos

4) Research by Brian Wasink has found that if you want to avoid overeating on Halloween, strategically place the candy. If it is in your line of sight, you are more likely to eat it. Putting candy away and off the counter can cut down significantly on mindlessly eating it. Think, location, location, location.

5) Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Reset Diet, recommends putting on a pedometer on when you head out with your kids to trick-or-treat.  Go a little further in your neighborhood than you went last year.  Also, she recommends setting a deadline.  Get the treats out of the house by a specific, predetermined date.

6) According to Robyn Benson, doctor of Oriental medicine, craving sugar is a sign of some imbalance in your system and happens more frequently in people who over consume any and all carbohydrates.  The antidote according to Chinese medicine is to eat more fat and even sour and spicy foods while staying away from processed foods.-Robyn Benson, D.O.M.

7) Overall, one of the most important ways to cope with candy cravings is to be mindful of the feelings and emotions that trigger it. For example, imagine that your tweens are out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and you're home alone.  Suddenly, a strong craving strikes.  What are you feeling? Are you concerned about your children's safety? Nervous that they'll bring home candy you won't be able to resist?  Be mindful!

Trick-or-Treat time doesn't mean you're doomed to mindlessly overeat Halloween candy and feel terrible about it later. Follow these tips and you may be surprised by how mindfully you can enjoy treats without overeating them.

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