The Best Strategy For Getting Motivated

How to start eating healthier now

Posted Jul 15, 2015

This month I've been focusing on motivation tips and getting to the bottom of what helps people to move out of their old ruts and start eating healthier and more mindfully today.  You may want more than anything to make changes but translating that into action isn't always easy, particularly after a stressful day. 
You may tell yourself:
I'll start tomorrow
I can't today, I'm too stressed
It's too much work!
I'm not good at change
Why bother
I don't care

These thoughts are what I call "stop thoughts" which put the breaks on action instantly.  Can you get past them?  Yes!  I want to show you how!

The Most Common Motivation Myth

It’s a myth that you are either born with motivation or not.  You can find it and develop it. It’s true. I see it every day in my office.  Motivation can shift from zero to full steam ahead with the right tools.  Motivation theory and studies tells us a lot about exactly how to build and cultivate motivation.  For example, studies show that motivation increases when you make a public commitment to change.  So simply telling your friends or family that you are going to start eating healthier and more mindfully can go a long way.  A 2015 study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, for example, on quitting smoking found that those who were in a twitter group to give up smoking had more success than those who were not.  Verbally clarifying goals and getting support from others help too. So, if you want to eat more mindfully, consider telling someone today your intentions.  Watch your motivation bump up a notch!

I use a lot of psychological tools like these to help my clients find the motivation to eat more mindfully and I want to share them with you.  Read more about them on my website or in my new ebook

Dr. Susan Albers is a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic and New York Times Bestselling Author of EatQ.