The Best Strategy for Eating Healthier in 2015

A Better Strategy Than Dieting For Eating Better in 2015

Posted Jan 01, 2015

This year I am giving you an alternative approach to start eating healthier. Mindful eating (being more aware of mindless eating habits) provides a sustainable, long-term solution to stop overeating, quit feeling guilty when you eat and to feel comfortable in your body again.  How do you get started?

Stop stress eating and make healthier food choices by taking the free “Mindful Eating Pledge.” Here are five important behavioral steps you can take to significantly improve your eating habits today without starving or struggling:

1. Eat mindfully: I will be more aware of each bite.

2. Pace, not race: I will eat slowly and with intention.

3. When I eat, just eat: I will eat without distraction.

4. Calm without calories: I will find true comfort and soothing without food.

5. Eat less, nourish more: I will eat foods that nurture my body.

Changing your eating habits is not an easy task. However, doing it with intention and a smart strategy can make it simpler and within reach.

Download the FREE Mindful Eating Pledge right now to hang on your refrigerator, on your desk, or anywhere you want motivation to eat more mindfully!

Dr. Albers is a New York Times and Bestselling Author of EatQ and a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic.  She is often quoted in Self, Shape, Prevention, Cooking Light and has been a guest on Dr. Oz.