Free Educational Film on Eating Disorders

Free Educational Film on Eating Disorders

Posted Mar 04, 2011

Would you like to know what causes eating disorders and how they are treated?  If you are an educator, parent, student or just want to learn more about eating disorders, the film, SPEAKING OUT ABOUT ED, EXPOSING MYTHS, EMBRACING FACTS AND EXPLORING TREATMENT, is a must see.  This is the first segment of online educational films created by the organization NORMAL in Schools. It is free to watch on for a limited time.    

The film features some of the world's leading experts on eating disorders such as Dr. Evelyn Attia, M.D., Director Columbia University Eating Disorders, Carolyn Costin, M.A., M.Ed., MFT, Director of Montenido, Dr. Steven Hinshaw, Ph.D., Chair of Psychology UC-Berkeley, Julie Holland, MHS, Director, IAEDP,  Dr. Walter Kaye, M.D., Director, Eating Disorders Program -- UC San Diego, Dr. Ken Weiner, M.D., Founding Partner, Eating Recovery Center, Lynn Grefe, President and CEO of NEDA, Chevese Turner, founder of the Binge Eating Disorder Association and Robyn Hussa, the president of NORMAL in Schools as well as others.

Speaking Out About Ed dispels many of the common myths about eating disorders.  The professionals begin with a solid overview of the symptoms and types of disorders and a basic discussion of the biological underpinnings. They explain why eating disorders are a disease not a "choice."  In addition, the professionals make a very important point that can't be stressed enough.  Disordered eating behaviors, no matter what kind, are a coping mechanism to deal with feelings rather than to alleviate appearance concerns.  To learn more, watch the clip.

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NORMAL In Schools is a national nonprofit that educates about eating disorders (including binge eating disorder and obesity), the therapeutic impact of the arts, self-esteem, body image, family communication and wellness.  

The next segments of the NIS Online Educational Film / DVD will be of the award- winning 75-minute rock musical normal: followed by a talk-back with expert clinicians and people in recovery.


Susan Albers, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic, specializing in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns, and mindfulness. She is the author of 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, Eating Mindfully, Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful, and Mindful Eating 101 and is a Huffington Post blogger.  Her books have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, O, the Oprah Magazine, Natural Health, Self Magazine and on the Dr. Oz T.V. show. Visit Albers online at