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The Kindfulness Solution: 6 Steps to Transforming Your Life

A new book sheds light on how to develop wellness.

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What do you get when you combine Mindfulness and Kindness? According to Karen Azeez, author of The Kindfulness Solution, you get kindfulness, a special combination of emotional skills that combine to form a catalyst for real happiness. And how do you develop kindfulness? Here are 6 of the tips Karen outlines in the book to help you get started.

Step 1: Stake Your Claim

Before beginning any wellness boosting endeavor, it's helpful to prepare to start your happiness journey by devoting more time and energy to the task. This step requires that you make yourself a priority. It's not that you should be selfish. Rather, make space for you to work on yourself.

Step 2: Assemble Your Team

Karen suggests that the secret to self care is getting help from others. As you begin to improve your wellness, you'll be aided if you find someone to hold you accountable and build relationships that are more supportive. Other people can help you stay on track, give advice, and even celebrate successes with you.

Step 3: Carve Out Time

For many, the biggest excuse to not improve their lives is, "I just don't have enough time." But the time you need to make small but meaningful changes is your life is less than you'd think. Take a moment to find a time in your schedule to devote to your happiness and well-being. And aim to stick to it.

Step 4: Clear the Decks

A key part of wellness is getting rid of the stuff that's causing harm. In this step, you are urged to remove harmful substances, be more assertive about saying no to what isn't good for you, and even silence any phones that steal your attention away from what's good in your life.

Step 5: Set Smart Goals

It's easier to achieve our goals when they are S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. By specifying these details about our goals, it becomes easier to see how to get to them. It's key, though, is to make sure you actually want to pursue these goals. Otherwise, you might give up along the way.

Step 6: Use Gadgets, Tricks, and Tools

There are now tons of happiness apps and happiness-boosting games that can help you build more happiness skills. You can even use Netflix to build your well-being or use social media to cultivate kindness. Make use of the many resources online that can help you build your happiness.

A much more in depth overview of these tips, as well as all sorts of other activities, are included in Karen Azeez's new book, The Kindfulness Solution.

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