Amy J.L. Baker Ph.D.

Caught Between Parents

Planning a 2019 Conference on Parental Alienation

Engaging the next generation of thought leaders in the field.

Posted Mar 13, 2019

The Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG) is planning its next annual international conference for Philadelphia (September 12-14). As a member of the executive committee and the chair of the program committee, I am charged with creating the roster of speakers and events at the conference. It is our sincere goal to include in the presentations the next generation of clinicians, researchers, and legal professionals in order to provide attendees with both the basic information everyone interested in PA should have presented by the leaders in the field AND more in-depth information in a wide range of formats (workshops, panel discussions, poster sessions, papers, and so forth) presented by others in the field. As a relatively new professional organization, PASG is aiming to expand its reach and its impact by being inclusive of professionals who may not have already established themselves as leaders in the field. Anyone interested in the organization or the 2019 conference can go to the PASG website for more information. If you have an interesting research idea or case study or a new take on a legal conundrum, please submit a proposal and/or come to the conference to share your experiences with others.