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Amy J.L. Baker Ph.D.

April 25 Is Parental Alienation Awareness Day

The problem of parental manipulation.

April 25th has been declared parental alienation awareness day in municipalities all over the country. The purpose of the awareness day is to shed light on the terrible problem of children being manipulated by one parent to hate the other. Parental alienation awareness organization (PAAO) a Canadian-based international organization created the awareness day as one tool for targeted parents to use to bring attention to parental alienation. Their website is

For professionals in the field as well as parents affected by parental alienation, every day is parental alienation awareness day. Here are some things you can do any day of the year:

1) Download brochures from PAAO website and carry them with you wherever you go.
2) Hand out PAAO brochures at local street fairs and leave them in places where parents are likely to congregate (including family court, if you can).
3) Start or join a local parental alienation support group. Contact me at for more information about a support group near you. Dealing with the pain and suffering of losing your child to parental alienation is too great a burden for any parent to carry alone. There is support available.
4) Learn about the "I don't want to choose" program designed to teach children critical thinking skills to resist the pressure to reject one parent to please the other. Talk to your local schools about implementing the program. More information is available at
5) Talk about parental alienation to mental health and legal professionals and ask them to educate themselves so that they can uphold their professional obligation to treat and serve their clients.
6) Write to media outlets and ask them to air stories about parental alienation. Write letters to your local newspapers as well.

Take action. Each step, no matter how small, brings us all closer to a solution.