Opportunities in Nonprofit Advocacy Work

Here's a starter list of agencies for your job search.

Posted Sep 13, 2019

In my previous post, I provided information about careers in the nonprofit/advocacy field. Please refer back to that post to learn more about what you need to consider when applying for an advocacy position. What follows now is a list of potential employers for careers in the nonprofit/advocacy field.

Please note:

  • This list is by no means comprehensive. It is a starting point. To find more organizations related to your cause, simply do an online search for ___________  Advocacy Organizations, filling in the blank with your area of interest.   
  • An excellent website to check for nonprofit/advocacy jobs and internships is Idealist.org.
  • I have deliberately not embedded the URLs so that you can see the basic address of the site in case the link doesn't work for you and you want to try entering just the first part of the URL. 
  • I have grouped the agencies under general headings to make the list more accessible—just know that many organizations have several roles and could be listed in more than one category. Many of these agencies are national in scope.  There are a lot of regional agencies which may offer even better volunteer and work experiences.  Be sure to check your local region.
  • Where possible, I have linked directly to the job openings on the organizations' websites. If that link doesn’t exist, I have linked to the home page. Always check out the volunteer and internship opportunities as well. They might be your best point of entry into the organization.
  • Finally, this post is not political nor is it an endorsement of any of these groups. I have made no effort to ascertain the political leanings of each group. Generally, many advocacy organizations tend to lean to the left politically. If this is not appealing to you, follow the instructions of the first bullet point above, and do an online search specifically for conservative or libertarian advocacy organizations. I will leave the comments section open at least initially in case anyone would like to add to this list of advocacy groups. 






LGBTQ ADVOCACY (see also General Policy and Anti-Discrimination List)


Again, this list is just a small start.  Go online and do your own search for the types of organizations which most interest you.  

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