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New Book Reveals Secret to Happiness

Amy Spencer's "Bright Side Up" is the perfect pep talk.

Being happy is hard: In a world filled with stressful jobs, paltry paychecks, and long lines just to get a café latte, it's all too tempting to go through life grumbling. Which is why I was excited to get a copy of Amy Spencer's book "Bright Side Up: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now," out in stores February 7, 2012. Thanks to the brain's "neuroplasticity," Spencer argues that we can rewire our brain to think more positively-then she gives plenty of concrete ways to give it a whirl. Hate the long line at Starbucks? Learn to "love the line" by seeing it as a rare chance to do and think absolutely nothing, or finish a pocket sudoku puzzle. Tortured over whether to take a new job, or ask someone on a date? Ask your one-hundred-year-old-self what you should do-chances are this older, wiser version of yourself will have some sage advice. Spencer also provides plenty of stories from her own life-some hilarious, others heart wrenching-that illustrate how this advice has helped her through her harder moments, and her warm, engaging tone will make you feel like you've got a new best friend in your corner, cheering you on. If you need a little boost-and who doesn't?-this book is filled with easy, actionable advice, and is fun reading to boot.