The Robin Hood Personality Quiz: Results

Quiz results--what do your preferences say about your personality?

Posted Aug 28, 2010

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STOP! Don't read this until you've read the Robin Hood Morality Quiz post and ranked Robin, Maid Marion, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Little John. Then come back, find the order you ranked the characters, and read what your choices say about your personality.

• RH, LJ, MM, SN: A moralist with conventional ideas. Old fashioned. 5% total.
• RH, LJ, SN, MM: Massively puritanical. Women conspire against men. 2% total.
• RH, MM, LJ, SN: Your philosophy is a confused mix of romanticism and moralism. 4% total.
• RH, MM, SN, LJ: You have high standards and are not predisposed to trust others. 2% total.
• RH, SN, MM, LJ: Ruthless authoritarian with weak personal morals. 2% total.
• RH, SN, LJ, MM: You see women as the possessions of men and have a weak self-image .3% total.
• LJ, RH, MM, SN: Cautious and insecure-you distrust the opposite sex. 6% total.
• LJ, RH, SN, MM: Inferiority complex. Women: you bend in the slightest breeze. Men: you fear women. 2% total.
• LJ, MM, RH, SN: You're a romantic, idealizing women or expecting too much of men. 15% total.
• LJ, MM, SN, RH: Slightly romantic realist. Broadminded, flexible and likely happy. 10% total.
• LJ, SN, MM, RH: You believe in common sense and relative morality. You're uncertain. 3% total.
• LJ, SN, RH, MM: Misogynist! You're a prude with an old-school opinion of women. 1% total.
• MM, LJ, RH, SN: Happy and well balanced. Some chivalry and/or high standards. 13% total.
• MM, LJ, SN, RH: Contended and maybe a little superior. Morality fits the occasion. 10% total.
• MM, RH, LJ, SN: You're guilty, lack confidence, and are overly concerned about others' opinions. 4% total.
• MM, RH, SN, LJ: Live a little! You're too stubborn. 1% total.
• MM, SN, RH, LJ: Women: you like your men strong and your women stronger. Men: wannabe lover. 2% total.
• MM, SN, LJ, RH: You're strong to the point of ruthlessness. Truth rules all. 3% total.
• SN, LJ, MM, RH: Sulky, confused and immature. 2% total.
• SN, LJ, RH, MM: Men: you see women as fickle and inferior. Women: get a backbone. 1% total.
• SN, MM, LJ, RH: You claim to be a realist, but you're actually a romantic. 3% total.
• SN, MM, RH, LJ: A rebel with a trace of spoilt child. You value truth above morality. 2% total.
• SN, RH, MM, LJ: You prefer fantasy sex to real life. 3% total.
• SN, RH, LJ, MM: Men: You're afraid of women. Women: you like bad boys.

Image by Jameson42 via Flickr2% total.

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