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Wanted: Your Answers to These Questions About Life and Death

A few questions to make you go...hmmm

Posted Mar 07, 2012

In the past month I've sadly learned of three Baby Boomers who committed suicide, reportedly including, one, a true socialite, a certified ‘Ms Diva' and very well-to-do. Looking at her life from the outside, it seemed she had everything going for her; but now, she's dead... reportedly at her own hand.

I've also had great conversations with some people about their "private hell," and another conversation with someone who has great questions about death.

So I ask you (and this isn't hard, nor scientific; just asking...), what are your answers to these questions?

What is your "private hell"? Do you present yourself one way, but deep inside, you are in misery? Do people think you have the perfect marriage/make the perfect couple, but behind closed doors, it is pure hell?

What if you get to heaven, and the biggest hellion, and/or sinner, you've ever known is there? How would you feel? What would you do (if you could)? Would it affect your faith (if it's not too late for that)?

Would you ever write a tell-all memoir? I asked this one before in another post, but asking here, as well.

If God returned you to, let's say age 28, what five things would you do over in your life and why?

Do you want to know the day on which you will die? I feel I would like to know, but I can't find anyone to agree with me. What say you? If so, why; if not, why not?

(I had a few other questions, but I can't find my list right now! [sorry]. Will add them when I find my list.)

ALSO, I request your "In That Moment" stories for an upcoming published project, so start thinking about it. What was your "...and, in that moment, I realized..." event?

It may be when you met someone, and it was the best thing to happen to you; when someone did something to you—good or bad; when someone died and it made you sad, left you alone; or maybe that death was a liberating loss. Or maybe when your child was born, how did that change your life? Maybe it's when you met Mr./Ms. Right, or finally broke free of an oppressive/abusive spouse—that "moment" in which you decided I have GOT to get out of here now, etc.

For the next month, I ask that you send these ‘In that Moment' stories (for now, 200 words or less) to me via email HealthyWomenNow[at]aol[dot]com.

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