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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Our society isn't structured for sleep, how's your sleep health?

Do you feel like this guy?

To kick us off, I'm devoting this post to a few sleep scales so we can all figure out just how we're doing on the sleep-o-meter.

The Stanford Sleepiness ScaleRight now, how alert are you? 
Sleep researchers at Stanford created a simple one-item scale to assess your current level of sleepiness.

This is a quick way to assess how alert you are feeling right now.

This simple seven –point Likert-type scale has descriptors ranging from “feeling active, vital alert, or wide awake” (score = 1) to “no longer fighting sleep, sleep onset soon and having dream-like thoughts” (score = 7). Choose the set of descriptors that best describes your feeling of sleepiness at the time this scale is administered (at the time of the sleep assessment/right now). If you go below a three (3-7) when you should be feeling alert, this is an indication that you have a serious sleep debt and you need more sleep. 

I took this yesterday at about 3pm. I liked being able to actually think about and quantify my current level of sleepiness. However, I rated myself a 5 or 6 and per their instructions, soon after taking it I raced home and went to bed at 9pm.

The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index: How have you been sleeping lately?
This is a comprehensive sleep quality index that assesses how you have been sleeping over the past month. It asks questions such as:

During the past month...
What time have you usually gone to bed at night?
How long (in minutes) has it usually taken you to fall asleep each night?
What time have you usually gotten up in the morning?
How many hours of actual sleep did you get at night?
How much of a problem has it been for you to keep up enough enthusiasm to get things done?
 ___ No problem at all
___Only a very slight problem
___Somewhat of a problem
___A very big problem
How often have you had trouble staying awake while driving, eating meals, or engaging in social activity? 
 ___Not during the past month
___Less than once a week
___Once or twice a week
___Three or more times a week

For the full Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index go here. To download a word file with scoring instructions and for more information about the PSQI go here.

So how did you score? Are you sleep-deprived or wide awake? Do you tend to get enough sleep each night? How many hours of sleep do you think you need to feel rested the next day? Confession - I need about 9!