Be-Dazzled Instead of Be-Frazzled

Avoiding the late summer hustle and hassle!

Posted Aug 26, 2017

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It’s 55 crisp degrees this morning in the Berkshires – but gorgeous.  With less than a month left of summer, this is a good point to start thinking about cultivating more psychological “currency” to help charge your activities with high quality physical and mental energy throughout the months ahead.

Summer is a time of big sky, abundant light, warmth, and soaring energy.  It is a time when you might feel like hitting the sac later, waking up earlier and generally more energetic.  A lot of us like to think about new undertakings during these months. Whether that means making new connections socially, expanding business or intellectual ventures or just having a lot of cookouts and campfires, summer feels like a good time for pushing the pedal to the metal.

One thing you have to try to keep in balance, though, is the urge to bite off more than you can chew – and especially as the season begins to shift into autumn. So it’s good to be aware and keep yourself in check.  You might find yourself wishing there were a way to bottle up this dazzling summery energy and take it with you into the year ahead.  In a way there is.

Start by Keeping Your Own Energy Balance

You know when you are energetically slipping out of balance when you feel anxious, “down” or frazzled.  This often results in a sense of scatterdness, burnout, and/or loss of motivation.  As we approach fall, some of us are tempted to want to keep the same daily pace of activity.  Not only that, but we might feel the urge (and are encouraged) to cram in final yearly projects. Expectations are high for these. On top of all this, demands coming from employment and other obligations don’t seem to decrease either. Ask anyone who is preparing their children to return to school.  

So it’s easy to start multi tasking and speeding up activities to the point of disorganization, burnout and falling into an emotional slump. This could all leave you feeling like you’re spinning your wheels in high gear, in mud.  Eventually you overload and start shutting down.

Relaxation Helps

Cooling off a little feels right in many ways.  Since daily hustles and hassles are not going to ease up, a relaxed, “cooler” mindset will keep you flowing.  This helps keep anxieties at bay and maintain your sense of lightness as you move from on daily activity to another.  Many of us have a sense of this already, embracing the cooler nights as they return because they feel so good for sleep and help us wake up with a little more pizzazz. 

Taking some time for daily calming activities can keep you dazzled and avoid the frazzle. 

Try This!

  • Bask in the warmth. Keep planning outside activities. Summer’s continued light will help soothe both body and mind as it reduces the amount of melatonin in your bloodstream and lifts your spirits.  Absorb the warmth into your muscles.  Later in the day, reflect on the details of how this experience lightened your body and mind, ingraining them in your memory.
  • Observe nature.  Enjoy a wide range of late summer environments – e.g. beaches, warm breezes, cooler mornings, the heat of midday and coolness of later night. Improve the quality of the experience by bringing your attention closer to the feel-good details. 
  • Listen to natural sounds – e.g. birds and other creatures in the morning or evening, the crackling of leaves, campfires and bonfires. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Take a walk under a star-studded sky.  Let the details of these images ingrain in your mind and the feelings they activate ingrain in your body.
  • Take plenty of outdoor pictures. Use your cell phone or other device to create and “bottle up” your own images of joy.  You can tap into these through the months ahead for a quick jolt of positive energy when you need it. 
  • Consider some fun life-changes.  This is a good time to get in touch with something in your life you want to change and begin sketching a plan to get yourself there – can feel pretty nice just getting started. Then stay on course. No rush.  Each little step helps keep the positive energy flowing and gives you something to look forward to.
  • Manage Type “A” energy. You can use any of your calming practices.  The idea is to have them bottled up and ready – e.g. relaxing summer environmental sounds: waves, campfire, or breeze.  You can record these or download them on your cell phone. Or a slide show of relaxing imagery you can incorporate into a five minute meditation and a few moments of refreshing quality breathing to rejuvenate.

One final tip to help make your transition from summer to autumn this year stronger than ever:   Look for small ways to help others in your daily environments.  A little thing like that can reward us with feel-good energy for days.

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