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Zen Warrior in Progress

Guy Macpherson built a field for trauma knowledge and they came.

Courtesy of Guy Macpherson
Guy Macpherson, The Trauma Therapist Project
Source: Courtesy of Guy Macpherson

Recorded on February 27, 2019, here is a delightful and inspiring interview with Dr. Guy Macpherson, the energy and inspiration for The Trauma Therapist Project. Guy is a true networker in the field of trauma and to my knowledge, the only trauma therapist who has brought together a community of well-known names in the field plus up-and-coming professionals.

What I particularly enjoy about Macpherson is his authenticity and enthusiasm for the work of psychotherapy. A wonderful observation is made by him toward the end of this interview: "We are all Zen masters in progress." As he points out, trauma therapists came to this work and service to others out of their own explorations of self and experiences of traumatic events. How we utilize this in our work with clients is the core of the psychotherapeutic relationship and our own ability to be effective in that relationship.

Those of you who are new to Macpherson's "Project" will be awed by the number of podcasts he has mad—to date, nearly 350 have been posted. I was honored to be one of these interviews and I have appreciated that he has also featured various expressive arts therapists, art therapists, dance/movement therapists, body-based/somatic practitioners and others in his series.

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