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Posted Mar 31, 2015

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Source: © 2015 Music Therapy Activities

In my opinion, music therapy is by far the most technical and well-researched of all the creative arts/expressive arts therapies. It's a field of practice that has wide application to a variety of health and psychiatric challenges, but yet is still not often understood by the mental health community, including other creative arts therapists. Meanwhile, music therapy's reach in health care and mental health is extensive, including but not limited to the treatment of acute and chronic pain; aging-related conditions and neurological disorders; cognitive disorders and traumatic brain injury; substance abuse; a variety of emotional disorders; and physical disabilities. 

So in an effort to introduce readers to the extensive and impressive methodology, theory and practice of music therapy, the Music Therapy Activities Wiki webpage is a good place to start. According to its authors, "This website aims to educate music therapists, music therapy students, patients, families, employers, contemplative non-employers, and the general public" and advises that "these activities should be adapted according to each patients' various needs, abilities, therapeutic goals, personal interests, and environmental factors." There is also a nice "short list" of music therapy organizations in the US and internationally. By the way, Board-Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC) are the professionals who provide music therapy services and of course, this website does not substitute for clinical advice or the education necessary to provide music therapy services. As the website authors say, "When hiring a music therapist, make sure you 'Get the REAL Thing!' "

Enjoy the Wiki, stay calm and always call a board-certified music therapist,

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

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For an elegant and comprehensive resource on music therapy, see Music Therapy Handbook by Barbara L. Wheeler, PhD, BC-MT, © 2015 Guilford Publications.

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