Art Therapy Transforms Warriors into Artists

Art is an unlikely, but powerful weapon against wounds of war.

Posted Nov 11, 2011

According to the description accompanying the film, the results of Konopka's work provide strong evidence of art's potential to heal. But apparently this evidence is yet unpublished because I was only able to come up with a reference for a study on the use of EEG measures with a single subject. But nevertheless I am hopeful that the link between art making as therapy and well-being in returning military will eventually be found; there are growing testimonials from veterans themselves that art expression changes lives in ways that traditional interventions may not. If you are looking for growing anecdotal evidence of this link, check out the following films and programs that highlight just why veterans are turning to art for relief, transforming warriors into artists:

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Be well,

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT