A Snowboarding Crow Playing and Having Fun

Watch a "snowboarding" crow clearly having fun

Posted Jan 15, 2012

Many nonhuman animals (AKA animals) love to play and we can learn a lot about ourselves by watching them do so. Animals spend time playing socially with other individuals and when no one else is around they figure out ways to play and entertain themselves. In an earlier essay I wrote about humpback whales playing with bottlenose dolphins. These improbable playmates clearly were having fun. 

This video of a snowboarding "roof tubing crow" is simply amazing and opens a door into how innovative other animals can be and what they love to do. Basic rules of play apply across animals including humans and having fun is essential for a healthy life. Watching animals at play is also fun and can be contagious. I've had many people tell me that when they watch animals play they want jump in and join them. 

Surprises abound we learn about the cognitive and emotional lives of other animals and we need to keep an open mind about who they are and what they are capable of doing. 

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