Ways to the Human Heart

Adages and poem inform the human spirit.

Posted Apr 04, 2016

Adages and poems inform the heart. In every culture there are singers and musicians as well as philosophers and sages. In ancient China, the means to an ethical life combined all these dimensions. The person of humane conduct was schooled in the arts, poetry, archery and philosophy. And China’s greatest philosopher, Confucius, didn’t write treatises but aphorisms brief enough that they fit in a fortune cookie.

 It is only relatively recently that we’ve shunned the arts in favor of science as the primary, if not only guide for meaningful living. Short sayings, along with poetry, are an important avenue of approaching morality, which is as much about the human spirit as it is about human nature.

Here are some thoughts on choosing to live a life in grace, something far more suited to poetic expression than data based knowledge.

Live life compassionately.

Live life fully.

Live life responsibly.

Live life thoughtfully.

Live life full of wonder.

Grace is achieved when you feel yourself as part of what is.

Therefore, accept all that is wondrous and beautiful.

Grace is achieved when you accept the dignity of others.

Therefore, live with an open heart.

To live graciously is to honor the life of another.

Therefore live with open hands.

Honor those who have gone before.
To live in a state of grace is to honor the past so as to endow the future.

The gracious person is mindful of the world.
Peace of heart cannot be taken from those who live in a state of grace.

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