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On Respect

Self-respect requires respecting others.

1. There can be no respect without self-respect.

There can be no self-respect without respecting others.

2. Respect honors the uniqueness of each person.

Allow each other the right to make his or her own decisions.

3. Nourish, encourage, cooperate:

These are the ways to respect.

4. Honesty, kindness, respect:

These are the paths to the sacred.

5. When you value the important things, you respect yourself.

By respecting others you find value in yourself.

6. Resentment hinders self-respect.

Therefore, self-respect requires quieting the fires of resentment.

7. Here is the source of self-respect:

Hold yourself to your highest self.

8. Self-respect begins with accepting responsibility for yourself.

Responsibility includes acting responsibly in the larger world.

9. Self-respect and respect for others go hand-in-hand.

Respect others and they will respect you.

10. Respect is the foundation of a good society.

From respect flows consideration.

11. From considerations flows justice.

Justice is the basis of a good society.

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