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Grace + Dignity = Happiness

A disgraceful life can't be a happy life.

In Greek mythology the Three Graces represent charm, beauty, and creativity, all good qualities. But something is missing. They are positive when they are placed in the world in a particular way with at least one other quality.

I think of dignity as the necessary ingredient to moves grace—gracefulness and graciousness—to something beyond the aesthetic and into the moral realm.

Grace brings pleasure, while dignity brings honor. While pleasure is often desirable, it becomes more so when it is done respectfully.

Gracious become goodness when mixed with dignity.

I believe that happiness is achieved when you live with grace and dignity.

So here are several ways that grace and dignity together can lead to life’s satisfactions.


Live your life full of graciously.

Live your life full of dignity.


Grace is achieved when you feel yourself as part of what is.

Dignity is achieved when you accept the dignity of others.

Therefore, live responsibly as part of the social world.


Disgrace is separating yourself from that to which you belong.

Not honoring that which deserves to be honored is a disgrace.


To act honorably is to act justly.

Give everyone his or her due.


Honor those who have gone before.

To honor the past is to endow the future.


An honorable person is mindful of the world.

Peace of heart cannot be taken from the honorable person.


A peaceful heart is an accepting heart.

Accept yourself as you might become.

An accepting heart accepts others’ shortcomings.

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