Older and Bolder Campaign in Britain and Ireland

"I want to grow old at home"

Posted Oct 28, 2013

“I want to grow old at home.” That’s Irish citizen Mabel Gargan, age 90, representing the “make home work” activist message coming out of the Older & Bolder coalition.

A friend saw this poster in Britain and sent it along—thanks Kate!

A quick Google search and I see that the Older & Bolder campaign in Ireland was about stopping state pension cuts and cuts to home health care. The campaign wrapped up in July with these words to its supporters:

It has been an absolute privilege to campaign with so many enthused individuals and groups on important issues relating to growing older in Ireland. Despite what has been a tough period for advocacy we have, with your energy and action, had positive influence and success. We offer a heartfelt thanks to everyone who signed a petition, engaged their local TD, contributed to a workshop, partook in media interviews or attended a demonstration.

Your passionate and persistent campaigning defended the State Pension; ensured pre-election promises became Programme for Government commitments; convinced politicians of the absolute need for the soon-to-be-produced National Positive Ageing Strategy; pushed for Make Home Work and the right to age well at home to be made a reality; and resisted the cuts to home care services.

Congrats to elders across the sea fighting for an age-friendly society!

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