How to Get Elected as a Democrat: Three Winning Memes

Each party presents a dominant meme, which the other party rejects, except these

Posted Aug 15, 2017

Republicans dominate virtually every level of government — from state legislatures to both houses of the U.S. Congress, to the Presidency.

As a result, President Trump is busily undoing every single thing that Obama and the Democrats did — environmental regulations, trade agreements, the Paris Accord, Obamacare, business regulation — just about anything that you can name.

However, when/should the Democrats return to power, all of these policies and regulations will be reinstated.

Each party governs in terms of its dominant memes — key ideas that adumbrate everything under the party's umbrella.

And these memes are diametrically opposed.  For Republicans they are freedom, individual responsibility, no government involvement; for Democrats these are caring, helpfulness, social equity.

But there are three areas of government actions that the Republicans have had trouble aligning with their memes now that they have total control of the levers of government.

1.  Taking care of people's health.  Although the Republicans campaigned since its inception on abolishing Obamacare, the idea that everyone deserves health care has become firmly established in the American consciousness — even in the minds of an increasing number of Republican legislators (and arguably the Supreme Court).  Individual responsibility is fine, along with getting government out of our lives.  But selling the idea that some people should die in the street without health care — even those who haven't provided adequately for themselves and their children — just doesn't go down nationwide any more.

2.  Assaulting racial minorities.  Although some argue that many — maybe most — white people are biased against black people, the country no longer has any stomach for active, physical assaults on African Americans and other minorities.  True, there is a resurgence of hate groups representing the "white nation."  But Trump's reluctance to directly attack the Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, and Aryan Nation was too much for even many arch conservative legislators, who criticized the President's reticence around the Charlottesville riots and murder.  The Republican Party is not going to endorse a new Nazi-American Bund.

3.  Keeping the oceans back.  Although Trump is busy rescinding as many environmental protections as he can get his hands on, while withdrawing from international efforts to combat global warming like the Paris Accord, even Republicans are tense around issues like the encroaching ocean along the Republican Southeastern coast, multiplying earthquakes in red-state Oklahoma associated with fracking, and urban mayors of both parties confronting the obvious warming of their cities.

And, so Democratic candidates, here is your platform:

  • I am solidly in line with my party's commitment to providing health care for every American. (Avoid mentioning Obamacare.)
  • I, like my party, refuse to tolerate racist aggression against any Americans. (But don't mention #blacklivesmatter or criticize cops.)
  • As a Democrat, I will do everything in my power to fight the frightening rise in forest fires, fracking earthquakes, flooding, and disappearing coastline.

Bob's your uncle, you'll get elected!