Good Girls, Putas: Bared Breasts in American Cinema

Only in alternative films do women have sex and shower naked!

Posted Jul 06, 2012

More of Blake Lively than you see in "Savages"

I have recently seen two films in which women have sex with more than one partner simultaneously, Savages (directed by Oliver Stone) and Take This Waltz (directed by Sarah Polley).  I hope I'm not giving anything essential away about the two films, but the woman in Savages, Blake Lively, has sex with first one guy, then another, then both—without taking her clothes off.  Now that is a cinematic tour de force.  All of this takes place in the first few minutes of the film, after which it gets down to its serious purpose—killing and decapitation.  

Savages raises the question, is taking your clothes off during sex a sign that you are a slut? The Lively character in the film, called O, denies she is a slut just because she has sex—and orgasms—with two men. She doesn't, after all, get naked or show her breasts. (And Oliver Stone is a "radical" filmmaker!)

Lest anyone thinks the title of this piece is racist, I hasten to add there is a good Latino girl in the movie, and she too has sex fully dressed (and also answers the phone during sex, to show she's not really into it). She's just as good as a blonde American star—nothing, least of all sex, will induce her to expose her breasts.

Sad to say, there is one Latino woman, clearly kept mainly for the purpose of sex (worse, she seems to be into it!) by the film's archvillain, Benicio Del Toro. This woman does walk around with her breasts exposed—shocking O. She is obviously a Puta!  Although the film involves one torture-murder scene after another, many inspired or perpetrated by Del Toro, Lively is finally overcome with hatred and repugnance when she learns that he has sexually assaulted her while she was drugged. That's bad, but how does it compare with the multiple beheadings, torture, and setting of people on fire she has witnessed?

Union rules for American actresses seemingly allow them to copulate on screen, but only with their bras on. Where does that leave Michelle Williams, Sarah Silverman, and a number of other women (many of them senior citizens) who parade their bodies fully nude in a shower in Take This Waltz? I mean, their whole bodies!  Nude!  Without any clothes on!  What is this, Europe?  You also see Williams naked when she has sex.  Once again, I can only liken her to a woman from Europe, where I hear that nude sex is commonplace.

Thank God we have higher morals in the United States than to allow women to show their breasts when they have sexual intercourse! Watch out, however: this bawdy, slutty behavior—nude sex, and showers too—could be spreading to American alternative films.

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P.S.  I told you!  America is being infested by the pestalence of nakedness!

NY Times, Steven Yaccino

MAZOMANIE, Wis. — America’s Dairyland seems an odd setting for a nude beach. Its short summers and swarms of mosquitoes are hardly in keeping with the palm-tree paradise that “free” bathing brings to mind.

And yet for decades, nudists have basked on Mazo Beach, a secluded sandbank on the lower Wisconsin River about 30 miles northwest of Madison. With estimates as high as 70,000 visitors a year, the spot, which is owned by the state, has become one of the largest nude beaches in thecountry that is not on a coastline, weathering angry protesters, conservative politicians and wary neighbors along the way.

“We especially warn our Girl and Boy Scout groups,” said Scott Teuber, a canoe and kayak rental company owner in Sauk City, who tells such customers to stay on the far side of the river when floating past the beach.