"My Wife May Be Calling" - Tiger Loses His Lustre

Tiger Woods' taste for big boobs guaranteed his infidelity

Posted Dec 02, 2009

Now that Tiger Woods has been uncovered as a full-time cheater, class, can you tell me what causes such behavior?

"He's a man!"

Who said that? Let's get serious.

"He's a man-athlete."

Come on.

"He married a B4 - beautiful blond with big boobs."

That's more like it. If someone picks his life mate on those criteria, then - when he becomes overly familiar with his sex partner - he's going to search out new stimulation.

Of course, that male athlete thing comes into play - Woods feels entitled - he's a rich superstar!

And no one is more entitled than Tiger Woods - literally (Woods has won 83) and figuratively. Because he keeps a squeaky clean, business-first image, and he's the best at a game a lot of pot-bellied men dream of excelling at, he's the world's most popular athlete.

Even politicians and parents like to point to him as a role model for these reasons.

So, Woods won't lose his superstar status. And he won't lose his endorsements - who buys the cars and golf equipment and male grooming products he advertises - pot-bellied men who will idolize him even more now that his philandering has been exposed.

"Honey, can you pass me the US Magazine - do they give details on Tiger's conquests . . . I mean, his marital transgressions?"

It will just be harder for mothers to point to Tiger's shining face on the cover of Family Magazine and say - "That's the man I want you to emulate."


Elin and Tiger at the beach.

Preoccupied Tiger and lovely wife - wonder what he's thinking about?

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