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What Are Personal Perspectives?

The Personal Perspectives essays celebrate the individual voices of writers with diverse life experiences and points of view about a multitude of topics ranging from coping with challenging health conditions to wide-ranging ruminations. They are often thought-provoking stories of adversity, resilience, and self-knowledge told through first-person narratives. While Personal Perspectives can and often do include empirical information and research insights, their purpose is twofold: to bring the unique thoughts, opinions, and emotions of the writer to the wider world, and to validate the larger importance of mental health to people’s daily lives.

It can be challenging to maintain a balanced mind in the face of life’s often-unpredictable mix of joys, sorrows, triumphs, disappointments, and struggles. Discovering a writer with a similar background and perspective to one’s own—or disappearing into completely alien life experiences that still say a great deal about human existence—are to be found by reading these Personal Perspectives essays.

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