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Guy Montrose Whipple(1876-1941) a pioneer in psychology…

By Colin Allen, published November 1, 2002 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016

GUY MONTROSE WHIPPLE (1876-1941) was a pioneer in developing tests that measured human ability, including intelligence and personality. His landmark book, Manual of Mental and Physical Tests, published in 1910, described more than 50 such tests. Inspired by another testing pioneer, Francis Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin, Whipple included a broad range of tests in his manual, including inkblots and tests for such odd things as aiming, tracing, steadiness and even tapping.

Whipple was a stickler for standards and, in a bold speech before the American Psychological Association in 1915, he warned about "charlatans" who administer and interpret psychological tests without adequate expertise. As a result, seven years later, the APA issued its first set of standards for professional psychological testing.

Whipple worked with notable psychologists, including Louis Terman and Robert M. Yerkes, to develop an IQ test that was used to evaluate more than 1 million U.S. servicemen in World War I.