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Want People to Behave Better? Give Them More Privacy

By David Berreby on April 30, 2016 in The Outsourced Mind
Think people are at their best when they know they're being watched? It's not so.

Why Forcing a Smile at Work is Bad for Your Health

5 tips to help you avoid the stress and exhaustion of "faking it."

Do Scientific Fields Differ in Their Influence?

Whether we like it or not, there is definitely a hierarchy of influence among the social sciences.

Rumination: A Problem in Anxiety and Depression

Rumination is one of the similarities between anxiety and depression. Ruminating is simply repetitively going over a thought or a problem without completion.

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Copyright is Free Speech

By Robin Sax on May 02, 2016 Crime Time
Think twice before you just copy and paste that image, or download the image, of "just borrow" from the web. Respecting copyright laws does not mean that you are anti-free speeech

Mobile Devices and Corporate Culture

How Mobile Devices Alter Our Thinking and Corporate Culture

Corner Flags, Constraints, and Creativity

Sometimes what we see as blocking our way can be just what we need to creatively guide us forward

Twelve Surprising Results that Lead to Finding “Balance”

By Kimberly Key on April 30, 2016 Counseling Keys
Years of research revealed twelve areas of life that need attention for balance and health. Which of these areas of your life are neglected or overdeveloped?

The OCD, Super Diligent, Over-Conscientious Boss

Being careful and detail oriented is often a very desirable at work. But is this optimal rather than maximal. Can there be too much of a good thing with regard to diligence.

Follow Your Dream?

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on April 29, 2016 How To Do Life
Stories they don't tell you on Oprah

Spring Cleaning For Your Career: A Career Checklist

By Suzanne Gelb PhD JD on April 28, 2016 All Grown Up
Are you feeling satisfied in your career, working productively, and moving in a direction that feels right for you…? A mental spring cleaning can be helpful.

Your Emotions at Work

Your emotions don't just turn off when you turn your car into the commuter lot. How you handle workplace emotions can impact your enjoyment and productivity.

What Do Workers Really Want?

By Nigel Barber Ph.D. on April 28, 2016 The Human Beast
A lot of Americans are feeling disgruntled about how they are treated in the current economy – as highlighted by the popularity of presidential candidates like Sanders and Trump.

Green It Is!

Green up your life. It'll be good for your body and your mind.

Understanding the Office Creep

Here's why certain behaviors creep us out.

How We Can Be Empowered Through Conflict

When we assume that conflict in a work situation means there's a problem, we create a problem by losing an opportunity for learning and growth. Here's how to do communication well.

The Spreading Cancer of Incivility

By Ray Williams on April 26, 2016 Wired for Success
The lack of civility in America has spread beyond politics.

3 Strategies for Troubled Teens

Replace a troubled personal identity with a more rewarding vocational identity.

Molesley’s Dilemma

Downtown Abbey's Molesley finally got his dream job—after spending years working at a lowly, "make-do" one. How do employers today respond to evidence of make-do jobs on résumés?

Inside the Mind of a Risk Taker

By Denise Cummins Ph.D. on April 26, 2016 Good Thinking
"The take home message from these success stories is not just that perseverance pays off. It is that successful entrepreneurs are not risk-takers, they are calculated risk-takers."

How Women and Men Interpret Unspoken Messages

Women interpret both message channels, verbal and nonverbal, when assigning meaning to the message as a whole.

Bernoulli and the Taxman – Part I: Fair Tax

Psychology can help design a fair income tax

My Boss Stole My Idea

By Rolf Reber Ph.D. on April 23, 2016 Critical Feeling
You presented an idea. Nobody listened. In a meeting three weeks later, your boss suddenly bursts out, “I have an idea!” It is your idea …

When People Feel Connected They Work Harder

When people feel they are part of a team they work harder. Here's why.

Feeling Stuck at Work? Tap Into Your Resilient Leader

By Nacie Pereira on April 21, 2016 The Finch Effect
Resilient leadership merges the concepts of psychological resilience with core leadership principles. Here's why it matters to you.

Bullied at Work? Why You Might Not Have Any Protection

What psychological factors allow organizations to avoid taking action against abusive bullying behavior?

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Sexual Assault Awareness month is a time to re-examine workplace culture in order to detect the red flags that signal a proclivity toward sexual harassment and sexual assault.

After the Death of Dr. Rose Polge - Who Cares for Doctors?

The suicide rate in female doctors was higher than in the general population, but the rate in male doctors was lower.

Personality Traits of Grammar and Spelling Sticklers

New research suggests that introverted people tend to judge others negatively based on grammar and spelling errors.

Changing Your Career Can Start With a Tiny Habit

Stuck in your job search? Instead of setting a large goal, select one tiny habit you can complete in 30 seconds or less. You'll be amazed at the results.

Race and Religion Are Tough; Don’t Make Them Tougher

There's room for our differences in the workplace.

Why Management Rapport Leads to Employee Productivity

By Victor Lipman on April 18, 2016 Mind of the Manager
An old HR colleague of mine was bothered by how little our managers talked with their employees. What were the implications for engagement and productivity?

“I’m Married to My Work”

If we think of intimacy as taking a chance on letting ourselves become known and accepted as we really are, “intimacy” can apply to relationships that develop in the work place.

A Behaviorist Contemplates Retirement (and Death)

A friend recently asked me if I would eventually want a retirement party. “Absolutely,” I said. “It’s called a funeral.”