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The Big Lie Professors Are Telling Their Students

What students (and faculty) don’t know can really help them!

How to Trust Again After Job Loss or Career Setback

Four tips for moving forward toward trust

Top 10 Unpopular Strategies to Boost Happiness

What the science of positive psychology reveals about how to boost well-being.

10 Things Passive People Say

If you always say, "I might be wrong," others may never think you're right.

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A Letter from a Scared High School Senior

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 How To Do Life
Her questions and my answers about college, career, and life.

The 10 Reasons Why You Need Emotional Intelligence

Your Emotional Intelligence (EI) is vital for keeping and motivating your people and teams? You are the "Emotional Thermostat" for your team and define reality for them. If you don't step up you allow fear, uncertainty and chaos to rule the day. Read the top 10 reasons you should be developing your Emotional Intelligence.

Will Virtual Reality Usher In A New Romantic Era At Work?

By Tim Leberecht on November 23, 2015 The Romance of Work
The advent of VR in the workplace will represent a new stage for the experience economy. HR departments must start hiring experience designers, writers, and storytellers; IT department must add some serious VR expertise; and team leaders and executives must become curators of experiences.

Small Oversights Can Cause Big Management Problems

Small business owners and managers are especially prone to being overwhelmed by details. And yes, the devil really is in the details on many occasions. But not scheduling time for some strategic thinking can be an even bigger mistake.

The Big Lie Professors Are Telling Their Students

The big lie is this: That a college education is ....

How to Feng Shui Your Workspace

By Caroline Beaton on November 21, 2015 The Gen-Y Guide
The science behind your office environment.

Getting More Purpose at Work With Feedback​

By Paul Dolan Ph.D. on November 21, 2015 Happiness by Design
Feel like your job isn't worthwhile? The right feedback could change your outlook.

Work and Suicide

The specter of suicide looms large for white males in our struggling economy.

Figuring Out What Sort of Work to Pursue

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 21, 2015 How To Do Life
An excerpt from a career counseling session

Top 10 Highly Popular Strategies for Boosting Happiness

Here are 10 of the most popular interventions for boosting well-being. The science of happiness is young but there are many good strategies that have begun to show consistency in both research and popularity. Which ones will you try?

Does Your Workplace Have A Growth Mindset?

Leaders with a growth mindset see talent and intelligence as just the starting point, and instead are interested in cultivating people’s effort and willingness to learn.

How to Trust Again After Job Loss or Career Setback

Trusting after job loss or career setback comes with challenges. But not learning how to trust again can hurt your career. These four tips can help.

A Workover: She's Lost Her Motivation to Look for a Job

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 19, 2015 How To Do Life
A transcript of an exchange with a caller on my NPR-San Francisco radio program.

The Powerful “Why”

How to spontaneously drive yourself toward your best life every day.

New Employee Survey Underscores the Value of Feeling Valued

By Victor Lipman on November 18, 2015 Mind of the Manager
A new survey shows how few employees feel valued at work and see meaningful advancement opportunities — and why this matters for retention.

How Well Do You Know What Motivates You?

By Rob Kendall on November 18, 2015 Blamestorming
When asked what motivates them, many people are surprisingly vague. And yet deeply understanding your own motivations helps you create the life you want. And when you discover what motivates other people, you can help them fly.

One Key to Effective Management: Plain Old Common Sense

By Victor Lipman on November 17, 2015 Mind of the Manager
Most people like to be treated the way you like to be treated. Why wouldn't they?

What Are You So Afraid Of?

By Sophia Dembling on November 17, 2015 The Introvert's Corner
Professional coach Beth Buelow says we can't ignore fear, but we can get to know it better to push past it.

A Healthier Approach to Business Travel

By Peter Bregman on November 17, 2015 How We Work
Still, it took me an entire week to recover. It didn’t use to be like this. Maybe I’m getting old?

Even Sober, I Was the World’s Worst Employee

By Anna David on November 17, 2015 After Party Chat
I used to talk back to my bosses and screw up important tasks. Then I got sober and into recovery—but my behavior didn't.

A Boss Intoxicated By The Sound Of His Own Voice

An Executive Coach deals with a nasty, condescending leader exhibiting a psychopathology that turns viral and infects the organization. The CEO and Executive Board are resistant and in denial until employee grievances and negative posts on social media threaten the company brand. Diagnosis reveals that the CEO's ADHD & Intermittent Explosive Disorder goes companywide.

Top 10 Unpopular Strategies to Boost Happiness

When it comes to boosting well-being, some exercises get all the attention (e.g.., mindfulness) and some get little attention. This post offers 10 powerful but rarely discussed interventions that emerge from well-being research.

Essential Lessons for Succeeding at Work

Work and career are a vital and critical part of our lives.Yet a study by Leadership IQ found that 46% of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months. A recent McKinsey study revealed that only 26% of major organizational change initiatives achieve the desired results. Here are the action steps you need to take to avoid being a part of these dismal statistics.

A Workover: He Wants to Make a LIving Conducting Workshops

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 14, 2015 How To Do Life
A transcript of an exchange with a caller on my NPR-San Francisco radio program.

10 Things Passive People Say

By Guy Winch Ph.D. on November 12, 2015 The Squeaky Wheel
When passivity becomes our default way of responding and interacting and determines our general approach to life, it hurts us in ways we might not realize: Here's what to look for:

Why the Freelance Economy Is a Social Tragedy in the Making

By Victor Lipman on November 12, 2015 Mind of the Manager
The Social Contract is dead. We're becoming a nation of freelancers. Corporate profits are very high and retirement prospects very low.

Workover: She Has a Master's from Berkeley Yet Makes $11/hr

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 12, 2015 How To Do Life
A transcript of an exchange with a caller on my NPR-San Francisco radio program.

Use Black Diamonds to Trigger Change

By Nick Tasler on November 11, 2015 Strategic Thinking
What the psychology of social change can teach us about getting our kids to bed on time and keeping our co-workers from taking jabs at each other.

Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

The word “boss” has virtually come to mean “bad boss.” Everyone is capable of having bad boss or Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT) moments. That's why some occasional self-reflection is worthwhile, to ensure we channel our emotions into manageable, socially acceptable ways in the workplace. Take this quiz and find out how you stack up on the TOT-meter.

Are You an Achievement-Addicted Person?

There is nothing wrong with the desire to achieve, but if it interferes with other aspects of our lives, we may be "achievement-addicted" and need some balance. So what is achievement-addiction?