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Why Is Neuroticism So Toxic?

By Christopher Bergland on February 03, 2016 in The Athlete's Way
Neuroticism is widely considered the most toxic of the "Big Five" personality traits. Read this blog post for some easy tips on how-to become less neurotic.

The Replacement of Awe

By Andy Tix Ph.D. on February 03, 2016 in The Pursuit of Peace
Many of the most popular media events in history are similar in that they elicit a sense of awe. In doing this, they can replace sources that traditionally have inspired people.

College Athletes May Be More Depressed Than You Think

Similar to the compulsive exerciser whose tireless adherence to fitness most people admire, many college athletes may be struggling beneath a veneer of achievement.

FoMO Parenting: Nothing New

Parenting is stressful enough without FoMO Parenting. FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) isn't new. It’s just easier to see.

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Enough with Gender Profiling (II)

By Mari Ruti on May 20, 2011 The Juicy Bits
"Men, for the most part, like to pursue women... Remember, you are the catch." Really? What century are we in? Some examples of just how badly our romantic self-help culture distorts evolutionary biological gender models, and why the man-as-hunter model of masculinity limits lust, luster, and life for men and women alike.

Racism: A Power Struggle by a Different Name

Equally shared power between the rulers and the ruled does not exist under any form of government or in any social circumstance.

Worldly and Spiritual Values: Humankind May Depend on Rediscovering a Natural Balance

Secular values are good. They are not in any way reprehensible, but they can easily decline towards being over-competitive, ego-driven and self-interested. Initially need-driven, they readily become greed-driven, and this is definitely unhealthy.

Are You a High-Need-For-Achievement Professional?

High-Need-For-Achievement Professional: n. 1. a man or woman whose work style is characterized by ambition, confidence, drive, and resilience 2. a man or woman who sometimes makes poor career decisions because of their exaggerated need to always look smart, important, and in control.

Business: Steps to Stress Mastery

Having the right attitude and positive goals are important steps for becoming a stress master. But just thinking about mastering stress won't make it so. You have to actually do things to relieve your stress. Here are some suggestions for taking action to gain mastery over your stress.

What's Wrong With The World? What Can We Do About It?

By Elise Ballard on May 17, 2011 Epiphany
Over the past year several important documentaries have come out and should be put on everyone's list of must-see films. All are entertaining, moving and extremely enlightening. One is about our education system, one is an Academy Award-winner about our financial system and crisis, and one is about us, human beings and our societal systems, and it's out in theaters now.

The Key to Healthy Relationships: It's All in Your Head

How do the emotional injuries from our past create problems in our present relationships? Learn how making sense of our history and getting to know our own minds helps us better relate to another person.

Bridesmaids, the Movie: Overpromise left me feeling flat

The movie critics raved about Bridesmaids, describing it as a watershed moment for the portrayal of female friendships on the big screen.

Are You Too Hyper?

The ADD adult’s recklessness is often driven by the need to be doing, rather than planning or figuring something out. It’s “Fire, ready, aim!” instead of “Ready, aim, fire!”

How the drug companies are controlling our lives Part 3

By Ray Williams on May 16, 2011 Wired for Success
Part 3 presents evidence that questions the effectiveness claims of psychotropic drugs.

What Can We Learn from Hollywood’s “Happily Ever After?”

Feminism and Hollywood's "happy endings" - are these impacting how today's youth see themselves and others? How can parents and educators talk about gender equity, sexual diversity, and healthy relationships through popular teen media? This post addresses these issues and offers some ideas to get you started.

We See in Others What We Expect to See

We see in others what we want to see in them!

Attention Is the Most Basic Form of Love

There is an epidemic ravaging the health and happiness of American families. We simply have no time for each other. All of our attention is paid elsewhere. One of the most common relationship concerns we have found in our Marriage Checkup study is that partners stop paying attention to each other in the struggle to accomplish the myriad demands of the day.

Childhood Injuries and Deaths: An Ounce of Prevention vs. a Pound of Cure

Early childhood exercise is key to preventing obesity.

Lessons on gender & sexuality at “Hollywood High”

Movies and TV shows about high school present scripts and expectations for teen relationships and high school life. The stories and characters contribute to the lessons on gender and sexuality at “Hollywood High.” What are the lessons being taught and how can you talk about them with your kids?

Why Is Money So Sexy?

A survey reports that wealthy people have more exciting and daring sex lives. Why is money an aphrodisiac?

The Silent Epidemic: Workplace Bullying

By Ray Williams on May 03, 2011 Wired for Success
Workplace bullying has become a silent epidemic North America, one that has huge hidden costs in terms of employee well being and productivity.

When Did Evolutionary Psychologists Stop Beating Their Wives?

The recent post by Dr. Darcia Narvaez criticizing evolutionary psychologists was exemplary, but not in a good way. It was a fairly typical example of how many self-appointed critics of evolutionary psychology often end up embarrassing themselves by betraying a stunning ignorance of the discipline.

Wishful and Delusional Ideology Trumps Science: The Noble Savage (Part II).

In part II of this two-part series, I offer some rebuttals to a recent post that sought to castigate evolutionary psychologists for their apparently faulty views of human nature. This is my third post in less than fifteen hours!