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Understanding Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

By Andrew E. Budson M.D. on November 12, 2017 in Managing Your Memory
The pathology of Aaron Hernandez was just one part of the 2017 Boston University CTE Conference, which presented the latest research and our current understanding of this disorder.

How Sports Can Make You Healthier and Build Character

Go outside and play! How sports and play provide your child with higher motivation, self-confidence, and social skills.

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Everyday Life

By Saul Levine M.D. on October 25, 2017 in Our Emotional Footprint
We criticize athletes who use PEDs, but many people everywhere "self-medicate" to help them study, perform, sleep, have sex, stay awake, and lose weight, among other pursuits.

Head Injuries and Psychiatric Symptoms in Football Players

Over 40 percent of ex-football players with chronic traumatic encephalopathy exhibited behavioral changes.

More Posts on Sport and Competition

Will Tiger Woods Master His Demons?

By The Psychoanalysis 3.0 Writing Group on April 08, 2011 in Psychoanalysis 3.0
Will Tiger Woods be able to re-find his greatness in golf now that we know he's a "duffer in life" just like the rest of us mere mortals?

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Struggling with Communication

By Janine Driver on April 07, 2011 in You Say More Than You Think
Struggling with communication - from the inside out.

The Home Advantage?

By Linda Brimm Ph.D. on April 07, 2011 in Global Cosmopolitans

Suck It Up! (And Other Life Lessons)

By Rick Smith on April 07, 2011 in The Leap

Aaron Sorkin to His Daughter: Smart Girls Have More Fun

By Nancy Matsumoto on April 06, 2011 in Eating Disorders News
What fathers can do to protect daughters from poor body image and eating disorders.

Is it safe to go to a ball game anymore?

By Steve Sisgold on April 05, 2011 in Life in a Body
On all levels sports fans need to get a life, find ways to express their anger in safe environments with a counselor and not let it all out on Saturday night or Sunday at the stadium. What happened to the concept of sportsmanship? Help!

There's no success like failure

By Jonathon D. Brown Ph.D. on April 04, 2011 in The Arbiter

Save the Parents!

By Katherine Ellison on April 03, 2011 in Pay Attention

What's Wrong With This Picture? Psychiatrists' Focus on Drugs and Emotional Distance

By Paula J. Caplan Ph.D. on April 02, 2011 in Science Isn't Golden
When money and drugs trump therapists' humane approach

Father-Daughter Bond Enjoys a Growth Spurt

By Peggy Drexler Ph.D. on March 31, 2011 in Our Gender, Ourselves

Gene Tests for Toddlers? Pediatricians Warn About Testing Kids for Athletic Ability

A commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association warns about gene tests that claim to predict the athletic potential of young children.

iBrain: ADHD Is Not PC

By Jory Goodman M.D. on March 23, 2011 in Attention, Please

Child Custody I: Let Doctors Decide?

By M. Gregg Bloche M.D., J.D. on March 20, 2011 in The Hippocratic Myth
Wheelchair Sports Talk with AJ Nanayakkara

Wheelchair Sports Talk with AJ Nanayakkara

By Leeja Carter on March 17, 2011 in The Inner Athlete
An interview with AJ Nanayakkara where his discusses his life, what brought him to wheelchair sports, and his motivation for starting a nonprofit organization that works to assist individuals domestically and internationally with disabilities.

How to Compete With Your Frenemies

"Annoying people can be helpful to you. Ask an adversary to coffee or lunch," advises Kathryn Mayer, a leadership development consultant and author of Collaborative Competition. What do you do if an adversary is threatened by your gifts or accomplishments? “If you get good enough, someone will be threatened by you,” she says.

Do you suffer from Mompetition?

By Debra Shigley J.D. on March 14, 2011 in Second Act

Yes, I Know Who You Are And You’re Under Arrest

The Days of Coach’ll Fix It are Fading, Yet the Accusations of Athletes being Criminals Remains.  This myth needs to be challenged so as to preserve the reputation of sports. 

The Social Unconscious

By Ken Eisold Ph.D. on March 12, 2011 in Hidden Motives
The Wisdom of Crowds RevisitedNature is full of examples of animals that pool their wisdom in the service of survival. Man too has that potential, but it is lost in the confusion and noise of individual conflict. 

Can your child get too much exercise?

By Alan Fogel on March 07, 2011 in Body Sense
A problem arises when adults push children into competitive sports where winning matters more than what may be good for the child's body, mind, and health.

Talk doesn't pay: Comments on the NY Times article

Commentary on an article about a psychiatrist who gave up therapy for a medication only practice.

Jump for Joy or Solicit for Stigma?

By Pattie Thomas Ph.D. on March 06, 2011 in I Take Up Space
All kids need exercise, so why emphasize size instead of behavior? Does emphasizing size create permanent weight loss? Does ignoring size prevent health benefits of exercise? Stigmatization has known health consequences. Health at Every Size principles focus on improving health, without emphasizing size and, therefore, without stigmatizing its adherents.

Charlie Sheen: Voyeurs "R" Us

Compared to being somebody, being anybody can feel like you're nobody.

Real Time: Acrobat Mothers Versus Tiger Mothers

By Susan Shapiro Barash on March 02, 2011 in Friend or Foe