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More Proof That Aerobic Exercise Can Make Your Brain Bigger

By Christopher Bergland on February 08, 2016 in The Athlete's Way
New research confirms that sustained aerobic exercise stimulates the birth of new neurons in the adult brain. This process may improve learning and memory, especially as we age.

Why Study Expertise?

The study of expertise has implications for psychology, education, coaching, and artificial intelligence. It emphasizes the positive aspects of the human mind.

Why Is Neuroticism So Toxic?

By Christopher Bergland on February 03, 2016 in The Athlete's Way
Neuroticism is widely considered the most toxic of the "Big Five" personality traits. Read this blog post for some easy tips on how-to become less neurotic.

The Replacement of Awe

By Andy Tix Ph.D. on February 03, 2016 in The Pursuit of Peace
Many of the most popular media events in history are similar in that they elicit a sense of awe. In doing this, they can replace sources that traditionally have inspired people.

More Posts on Sport and Competition

On Innovation and Optimism

By Moses Ma on June 24, 2011 The Tao of Innovation
To succeed as an innovator, you must be indefatigably optimistic. This rule of thumb applies to the economy as well. Like what Economist Larry Summers said, "The central irony of financial crisis is that while it is caused by too much confidence, borrowing, lending and spending... it can only be resolved by increasing confidence, borrowing, lending and spending."

Through a Clinical Lens: Friday Night Lights

I'm a big fan of "Friday Night Lights." It's one of the things on television, and the best sports show since Aaron Sorkin's "Sports Night." Just thought that needed to be said. Speaking of thoughts, this past week's episode - Gut Check - engendered many thoughts about why therapists are valuable, and what they might do if they had been in the mix.

The High Cost of Agreeability

It's no secret that we're descended from Chimpanzees and partial heirs to their competitive hierarchical structures, so why am I so shocked that at the occasional impulse to gnash my teeth while clicking the obligatory Facebook 'like' on a colleague's accomplishment?

If Buddha Was CEO: The Four Immeasurables in Business

The ring is my wedding band. Simple sterling silver with four words etched around the outside in the oldest known language, Sanskrit.

Humor as a Route to Social Status

Is humor a route to social status?

The decline of fatherhood and the male identity crisis

By Ray Williams on June 19, 2011 Wired for Success
America is rapidly becoming a fatherless society, or perhaps more accurately, an absentee father society.

A (p)review of the Consuming Instinct

Besides mangoes, blueberries, an iPad, and Legos, I bought a new book this week – the book explains why I bought mangoes, blueberries, an iPad, and Legos.

Can Men Play the Negotiation Game Better than Women?

Sometimes women don’t know that they can ask for something. Not socialized in the male competitive ways, many women don’t realize that it’s okay to ask for more pay or an extra vacation day. And when they do, they often ask for less and accept less in their bargaining.

Weight Training? Put Your Mind to It

"Put your mind into your muscle" is a common gym adage, but what does it really mean? Five fitness pros offer their take on this oft-repeated nugget of weight training wisdom.

Does Everyone Have ADD? Concentration Interruptus and "Pseudo ADD"

When your thinking is interrupted by your brain, you’ve got real ADD; When it’s interrupted by the world, you just have trouble saying, “No.”

Personal Growth: The Joys of "Bromance"

I have a confession: I'm having a "bromance." You may know the term from the movie I Love You, Man; it describes a close, though non-sexual relationship between two men. Yes, my wife knows about it and supports it.

Fathers, Sports, and Developing Children Into Leaders

Recent studies examine the earliest roots of leadership in children. The parenting styles of fathers and mothers play an important part, and the authors also explore how sports benefits in developing leadership potential.

Does Time Spent Outdoors Alter Our Vision?

The incidence of near-sightedness (myopia) appears to be increasing. Could our modern lifestyle be responsible for this change?

Advertising As Threat: Will Your Kid Die From Exercise?

By Pete Shanks on June 11, 2011 Genetic Crossroads
A gene test is being marketed to parents with the scare claim that some over-exercised kids might die. The FDA is investigating, but the company is trying to keep its product on the market.

A Survival Guide for Difficult Family Visits

If family visits from parents or siblings have been stressful in the past, be thoughtful about managing them in the future. Follow these six steps.

Testosterone - Less Sleep Means Less

You need rest to regenerate your body. Decrease sleep, even partially, and your hormones won't be the same.

Infidelity and intimacy

Infidelity is more than a violation of a promise (“forsaking all others”) it is an unmistakable indicator of selfishness, on the part of someone in whom we have reposed our best hopes.

Ethics Education Limited Use

By Arthur Dobrin D.S.W. on June 09, 2011 Am I Right?
Ethics education is only part of the solution to ethics scandals.

Napoleon Complex in Football: The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly

The past weeks have shown both the beautiful and dark side of world's most popular game, both showcasing leadership psychology.

Do Only Children Have More Problems Making Friends? An Interview with PT Blogger Susan Newman

When I learned that my colleague, psychologist Dr. Susan Newman had just written a new book entitled, "The Case for the Only Child," I prevailed upon Susan to share what she had found out in reviewing the research on only children.

Why Sharing Stories Brings People Together

A new neuroscience study may explain why telling stories builds empathy and also why, when you tell a good one, people act as if they're watching it unfold before them.