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"Hey This Isn't A Competition And You Have Cooties So I Win"

88 ways to get the dangerously decisive last word

Stop Thinking Positively

The secret to accomplishing the impossible.

5 Psychological Lessons from Marathon Running

The psychology of pushing your limits.

Four Ways to Foster Ethics in College Athletics

College athletics can be an excellent venue to nurture ethics and character.

Recent Posts on Sport and Competition

The Plight of Being a Boycotter

By Eric Horowitz on September 11, 2013 The Inertia Trap
When you refuse to do something for a moral reason, it poses a threat to the moral standing of those who have chosen not to refuse to do it. In order to mitigate the threat, they may respond by viewing you in a more unfavorable light.

Better Fathers Have Smaller Testicles, But…

By Jesse Marczyk on September 10, 2013 Pop Psych
Recent research suggests that men with smaller testicles make better fathers. Well, sort of...

Liberalism’s Legacy, Part II

FDR and LBJ enacted four principles, but one thinker challenged them all.

Make Your Self-Talk Work for You

We all talk to ourselves, but only some of this internal conversation can actually guide us toward being happier and more effective. By engaging in constructive self-talk, you can boost your self-esteem, motivate yourself, and respond to challenges. Learn from the pros how to make your self-talk work for you.

Individual Differences in the Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment has long been held up as an example of the power of strong situations to overcome individual differences in personality and choices. The SPE not only did NOT show this, it was not even an adequate test of such a claim. People can still make personal choices even in tough situations.

Six Secrets for Finding and Keeping Lifelong Love

By Rita Watson MPH on September 09, 2013 With Love and Gratitude
Even as we graduate from the wishful thinking of "Someday my price will come," to a more calculated matchmaking society -- we remain in search mode. The key questions so many ask are quite simply: “What are the secrets for finding and keeping lifelong love?”

Fathers, Sons and Sports

A father teaches much to a son. It is so much more than having fun. A young man grows to be a mature man who knows how to behave. While a mother's role is crucial, a dad can make all the difference. Here's a modern story of a boy without a dad. It's an important tale.

Why Rude People Get Dates

By Vinita Mehta Ph.D., Ed.M. on September 09, 2013 Head Games
Insults can create an attraction all its own.

Crazy Clown

We all know that there are some scary clowns out there. Stephen King's "Pennywise the Dancing Clown" from the novel "IT" comes to mind, but while this child-killing clown is evil, there is another clown in the competition... and this one is known as "Crazy Clown".

Is Facebook Making You Depressed?

Social networks can have unhealthy side effects, encouraging negative social comparison, which can lead to rumination and depression.

Does Meditation Make a Difference? Perspective from 35 Days

By Julie K. Hersh on September 06, 2013 Struck By Living
What are the benefits of daily meditation? As a newbie meditator, I pause to reflect on my first 35 days.

Lighting Up an Old Argument About Smoking

The old argument that smokers can quit but lack self-control has reappeared with the publication of a recent study by two behavioral scientists.The logic of the argument, however, may not be up to snuff (pun intended).

What Motivates Fantasy Football Players?

By Matt Beardmore on September 05, 2013 Time Out!
Some play to win and collect money. Others play to connect with friends and family and enjoy some good-natured trash talk. Fantasy football is officially back.

The App of God

By Nir Eyal on September 04, 2013 Automatic You
Red States and Churches sending a message to Silicon Valley.

Three Pressing Problems in Sleep Research

By Fredric Neuman M.D. on September 04, 2013 Fighting Fear
Not everything is known about sleep. Three pressing problems in sleep research are presented.

Think Life Is a Contest? Think Again!

By Jennifer Kromberg PsyD on September 04, 2013 Inside Out
In competition, many people lose sight of the real goal. Is the goal to “win” or is the goal to learn, grow, enjoy and perform to the best of your ability, regardless of the winner? In order to meet your goal, do you have to feel better than others?

The Talent Myth in Sports (Football) and Business

By Mark van Vugt Ph.D. on September 04, 2013 Naturally Selected
The talent myth suggests that star players do not neccessarily raise team performances. When there are too many stars in a team conflicts emerge and natural hierarchies disappear, This has huge implications for the effectiveness of teams in business and sports like football (soccer) where record fees are being paid to bring in star players.

13 Things to Know When Talking to Your Child About Alcohol

Parents are the most important influence on whether kids drink alcohol, and the earlier you start these conversations, the better.

Are Elite Athletes Marrying Elite Athletes?

A conversation with David Epstein, author of The Sports Gene, on whether elite athletes are marrying elite athletes, the tremendous natural range among athletes, how slow kids never make fast adults, the likelihood of becoming an elite athlete, the worldwide search for athletic talent, and how motivation and grit could be, in part, genetic, among other topics.

The Hidden Danger of Social Networks

People have a tendency to compare themselves to others. Social networking sites like Facebook give us endless opportunities for social comparison. The problem is that we compare our everyday lives to others' edited versions on Facebook. Seeing others' selective self-presentation of their best selves on Facebook can make us feel dissatisfied with our own lives.

Back-to-School: Parenting Strategies to Avoid Burnout

By Kate Roberts Ph.D. on September 03, 2013 Savvy Parenting
In today’s pressured and fast-paced modern world, many parents are either on the verge of burn out or already suffering from what I describe as "parent burnout syndrome". Parents, are not routinely taking care of their needs in an effort to put their children first. How can parents, care for their children’s emotional and spiritual needs when their own aren't being met?

What Diana Nyad Knows About Men and Women

By Arthur Dobrin D.S.W. on September 03, 2013 Am I Right?
More than 40 years after the women’s movement, it is clear that men and women bring different sensibilities to the social world.

No More Flashcards With Memorization through Game Playing

By Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed. on September 01, 2013 Radical Teaching
Forget the Flashcards and Drill and Kill (interest) with The Best On-Line Games to Boost Your Childs Skills. The technological advances of online game-based practice for those dreaded facts that must be memorized is one of the greatest boons to parent-child relationships. These games can be found through easily through these information packed websites.

11 Tips to Head Off ADHD

Can making some simple changes in parenting and in a child's home environment prevent ADHD symptoms?

Cheating & Baseball: Who is to Blame?

We need a clean game just like we need a clean society. It's likely that Alex Rodriguez is guilty, but he's also a distraction from a bigger problem. Here's a discussion about how institutions find and use scapegoats.

Art Therapy and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

What this art therapist learned first hand about traumatic brain injury and how and why art therapy should be part of your own TBI recovery plan.

Jeffrey Dickemann Came First

In a series of papers—specifically, in 3 articles published from 1979 to 1981—Jeffrey Dickemann became the “father” of Darwinian history. Before the big books with big audiences, before the study of the past was headed with capital letters, he shed light on the origin of man and his history.

Of Course Men Feel Threatened by Successful Girlfriends

A new report shows that men suffer a loss of self-esteem when their female partners enjoy success. While this may just be simple envy—which is regrettable—there may be something else going on.

Price Tags On Medical Procedures To Stimulate Competition

The Internet has reduced the price, and increased the convenience, of shopping for just every product in our economy- except medical care. Why not use comparative posted prices to empower consumers and reduce the monopoly power of providers.

An Erectile Dysfunction Myth

By David J Ley Ph.D. on August 29, 2013 Women Who Stray
According to popular assumption, watching too much pornography can cause erectile dysfunction, even in young men. But current medical research points to other factors.