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The Psychology of Religion

By Andy Tix Ph.D. on December 14, 2017 in The Pursuit of Peace
What explains why some individuals are more religious than others? Scientists interested in the psychology of religion seek answers.

When Students Talk About Wealth and Class

By Sam Osherson Ph.D. on December 12, 2017 in Listen Up!
Are our kids better at talking about wealth and class than we are?

Will Baby Boomers Ever Find Religion?

By Lawrence R Samuel Ph.D. on December 09, 2017 in Boomers 3.0
For a good number of boomers, finding a little or a lot more faith is a kind of coming full circle.

Why Time Stops at Near Death

By Marc Wittmann Ph.D. on December 06, 2017 in Sense of Time
A new study confirms earlier investigations and anecdotal reports that a majority of individuals with a near-death experience also report the feeling of timelessness.

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Letting Go

By Steve Taylor Ph.D. on December 15, 2017 in Out of the Darkness
Why do some people become more 'spiritual,' and happier, as they get older? Aging can be a process of letting go that leads to acceptance and inner well-being.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Faith in miracles shouldn’t be mistaken as a sign of mental illness. It diminishes giving meaning to life, particularly when life is threatened.

Mindfulness and Mind-body Practices in Mental Health Care

Curious about the benefits of meditation and mind-body practices for depressed mood or bipolar disorder? Research findings show improved mood and functioning with regular practice.

Tis the Season to Be

By Lori Russell-Chapin Ph.D. on December 12, 2017 in Brain Waves
Tis the season to be jolly. Is the act of forgiveness the key?

The World Responds to Our Emotions: Evidence from Physics

Albertus Maximus: the world responds to our emotions.

Sick and Tired

Every addict must reach his own turning point to escape the web of addiction.

What's Wrong With This Religious Wedding?

By Arthur Dobrin D.S.W. on December 07, 2017 in Am I Right?
Getting married in a religious ceremony when couples don't really believe can create serious problems, for the couple and the religion.
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Spirituality and Art

True art both comes from the heart and speaks to the heart, but this asks something of the witness, too.

Wisdom From the World of Dance

By Kimerer LaMothe Ph.D. on November 30, 2017 in What a Body Knows
I offer a playful, very preliminary exploration of “wisdom” I have learned through the study of American modern dance and contemporary ballet.

Coping With Collective Trauma

By Joy Jacobs J.D., Ph.D. on November 30, 2017 in One More Bite
Has the state of the world left you feeling off balance? These simple strategies will bring you back to center.

Reflections on a Wooden Bowl

By Susan Hooper on November 30, 2017 in Detours and Tangents
Rediscovering a family heirloom made me curious about its owner—my great-grandmother.

Mental Masturbation Deserves More Appreciation

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on November 30, 2017 in Ambigamy
We can't help but fantasize, often with great vision often with dangerous delusion. Since right or wrong, fantasy is our human birthright, we have to get good at it. Here's how.

Are Virtual Experiences Real?

By Jim Davies Ph.D. on November 29, 2017 in The Science of Imagination
Can a virtual church on a computer give you feelings of spirituality? Our recent research explores this.
Tertia van Rensburg/Unsplash

Ghost Sickness: A Culturally-Related Grief Disorder

Do you believe that ghosts can make you sick?

Synchronicity at Play

Analyzing coincidences includes looking at how they impact you in your life right then!

Reducing Holiday Stress

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 25, 2017 in How To Do Life
Seven ways to actually end up with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

On the Virtue of Not Knowing

By Eric Dietrich Ph.D. on November 24, 2017 in Excellent Beauty
Dawkins's has said that religion teaches the false virtue of accepting our not understanding the world. Is he right?
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When This Moment Is Enough

By Allison Carmen on November 20, 2017 in The Gift of Maybe
When you allow this moment to be enough, it doesn’t mean you stop working on what you want your life to be, it just means you are opening your heart to a more joyful life right now

What Are Spiritual Guidelines for Organizational Success?

Group entrainment can lead to desired outcomes in sports, jazz, and organizations.

Why Random Acts of Kindness Matter to Your Wellbeing

Don't underestimate the value of being kind to others. One act of small kindness can release an enormous chain of positive events.

What is Redemption After All?

It helps to be a little more found than lost.

Metaphoria by Design

By Toby Israel Ph.D. on November 15, 2017 in Design on My Mind
Architecture and interior design can use storytelling metaphors to elicit emotions and thus be transformative in relation to our own journeys.

Analyzing a Long Series of Dreams: A Conference Presentation

A new method of exploring the meaningful patterns in a long series of dreams can shed light on personal relationships, emotional concerns, cultural activities, and spiritual views.

How to Heal the Primal Wound

By Darcia Narvaez Ph.D. on November 12, 2017 in Moral Landscapes
To protect ourselves from feeling the primal wound, we create a false world and a false self.

Writing to Awaken: The Story of Your Life

By Mark Matousek on November 09, 2017 in Ethical Wisdom
"When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed."

What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Grown Up?

When we shame ourselves... how to stop.

Guns, Drugs and Mental Health: Crises Everywhere

Life is hard and cries abound. What if each of us chose to become a better person?
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Managing Anger and Letting Go of it: Achieving Inner Peace

Is anger getting in the way of achieving inner peace? Learn when and how to let it go.


By Graham Collier on November 06, 2017 in The Consciousness Question
The Utopian concept of human consciousness seems extremely foreign nowadays.

Mad to Be Normal: A Review of the New R.D. Laing Biopic

By on November 06, 2017 in Mental Illness as Metaphor
A new film depicts the life and times of the revolutionary—and controversial—psychiatrist who shunned neuroleptic drugs in favor of a psychological understanding of schizophrenia.