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Identifying Depression Based on Social Media Posts

Researchers are working on algorithms that they hope could be used to detect cases of depression and PTSD.

Is Facebook Spying on an Ex-Flame The New Normal?

Has Facebook stalking become the new normal? Research indicates that post-break up covert monitoring of an ex-flame after a breakup is increasingly common.

Post-Traumatic Growth and Post-Traumatic Stress Can Coexist

By Christopher Bergland on January 14, 2018 in The Athlete's Way
We commonly associate PTSD with natural disasters. Surprisingly, a new study reports that personal growth can coexist with post-traumatic stress in the years following.

What Would It Take?

By David P. Barash Ph.D. on January 11, 2018 in Peace and War
Could we have another early 1980s-style, grassroots movement today? It’s not impossible.

More Posts on Social Networking

Will Changes to Facebook's Newsfeed Be Good for Us?

By Gwendolyn Seidman Ph.D. on January 17, 2018 in Close Encounters
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced changes to what people will see in their Facebook newsfeed. Will these changes be psychologically beneficial, as promised?


By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on January 16, 2018 in Minority Report
Do you find your partner's emojis to others too flirty or just too much with someone else? If so, your romantic relationship could be victim to "micro-cheating".

Are You Facebook Friends With a Psychopath? How to Tell

Worried about Facebook friending a psychopath? When it comes to spotting dark personalities on Facebook, research reveals red flags.

Mr. Zuckerberg, Tear Down This Wall!

Mark Zuckerberg is changing the Facebook Newsfeed, again. He claims it's to help users' mental health and make Facebook a force for moral good. Don't believe the hype.

You Are Judged By Your Screen Name, So Choose Carefully

Sexual predators prey on women using provocative screen names. Yet good guys are looking too. So choose your screen name carefully.

Infographic: Teen Substance Use and Media

By Michele Ybarra MPH, Ph.D. on January 10, 2018 in Connected
These statistics make clear that we must encourage the teens in our lives to think critically about how media uses different strategies to try to influence their behavior.

How Jealous Partners Use Facebook to Monitor and Manipulate

Partners do not always make good Facebook friends. How digital surveillance, manipulation, and mate-retention strategies can be harmful to your relationship.

"Lady Bird" III: Greta Gerwig Makes Up to Her Mom

By Stanton Peele Ph.D. on January 07, 2018 in Addiction in Society
Greta Gerwig's mother didn't fight the filmmaker's aspirations. Rather, she nurtured the cinematic genius that is Gerwig, and specifically the family love of New York.

The Risk and Rewards of Becoming Internet Famous

By Sue Scheff on January 05, 2018 in Shame Nation
Do you want to become Internet famous? A new survey finds a majority of people thinking twice about becoming the next cyber-sensation.

Technology Designed for Addiction

By David Dillard-Wright Ph.D. on January 04, 2018 in Boundless
Have trouble limiting social media exposure? Tech giants want it that way.

Proximity and Preference – Why We Like Who We Are Close To

Is it just me or do you love it when your on-screen duos become real life lovers? Perhaps proximity played a role in their attraction.

Are the Decline of IQ and Rise of the “Influencer” Related?

By Goal Auzeen Saedi Ph.D. on December 31, 2017 in Millennial Media
Does it seem anymore that we plug in and zone out? Meanwhile, are we becoming dumber as our phones keeping getting smarter?It's possible the solution lies in the palm of our hands.

Art Therapy and Digital Technology: Digital Art Therapy

Digital art therapy is a relative newcomer to the field of art therapy that includes digital communication, devices, apps and social networking; here is a brief introduction.

Why Can't You Leave Your Partner for Someone Better?

By Grant Hilary Brenner M.D. on December 30, 2017 in ExperiMentations
Stick with what is familiar, or take a risk on someone new? Research on status quo bias sheds light on how we make relationship choices.

New Year’s Resolution: Do Something to Promote Civil Society

By Kyle D Killian Ph.D., LMFT on December 30, 2017 in Intersections
Civic responsibility is about having standards about what “information” we consume and promote by sharing. So share wisely. Our democracy, and civil society, depend on it.

What Can We Learn From A Year of Cyberbullying?

By Sue Scheff on December 30, 2017 in Shame Nation
After a year of cyberbullying and online shaming, how can we make 2018 a kinder and more compassionate cyber-place?

Are Other People Really Having More Fun Than We Are?

By Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. on December 28, 2017 in Media Spotlight
Are other people really having more fun than you are? New research explores the persistent bias that can shape how we view our own social lives compared to others we know.

Taking Drugs on Christmas: A Reverse Temperance Tale

By Stanton Peele Ph.D. on December 24, 2017 in Addiction in Society
Drugs can be consumed in positive ways in positive surroundings with positive people.

The Emergence of the iGen

By David F Lancy Ph.D. on December 24, 2017 in Benign Neglect
Why are youth unhappy? Don't blame the internet.

Lying Online

Research shows that while deception commonly occurs in online dating, the magnitude of the lies is small.

Cyberstalkers Are Difficult to Stop

By Scott A. Bonn Ph.D. on December 22, 2017 in Wicked Deeds
Social media and networking services enact content guidelines that have little to do with protecting the rights of the public.

#MeToo: Man-Slammed on Facebook

By Eliezer Sobel on December 21, 2017 in The 99th Monkey
Being clueless, I came up with what seemed a brilliant caption.

How Losers Become Winners

How millennials can bring about meaningful political change vis-à-vis with the current status-quo.

David Rocklin: Do Artists Need Community?

By Jennifer Haupt on December 18, 2017 in One True Thing
Writing has been a teacher for me, and it’s taught me this above all: Feeling like you don’t belong simply means you haven’t found where you belong yet.

Six Mistakes to Avoid When Making Friends

By Miriam Kirmayer on December 18, 2017 in Casual to Close
Sometimes, the most helpful way to understand how we can make new friends is to recognize the behaviors we should try our best to avoid.

Your Real-World Life Expectancy? About 26 Years.

By Randy Paterson Ph.D. on December 13, 2017 in How to be Miserable
And you thought smoking shortened your life.

Can’t Fight This Feeling: Technology and Teen Anxiety

Thoughts on how to reduce the impact of digital technology on teen anxiety.

Are We Allowing Social Media to Dictate Our Happiness?

“A fixation with connecting with 'friends' online comes with the risk of disconnection with friends waiting for you to be present in the offline world.”

What Is Curbing the Impact of Cyberbullying on Teens?

By Sue Scheff on December 07, 2017 in Shame Nation
New research suggests teens who face online bullying likely recover in a week.

Final Exam Stress? Five Ways to Finish Finals Strong

By Zack Carter Ph.D. on December 04, 2017 in Clear Communication
Before the eggnog and ugly Christmas sweaters, you must get through final exams. Avoiding these common final exam prep blind spots might help your grades.