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Can Sleeping Late Torpedo Your Diet?

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on July 14, 2016 in Sleep Newzzz
It’s not only the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep, but the timing of sleep that matters.
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Noise Anxiety

The body is always listening.

How Much Sleep Is Required for Optimal Health? Age Matters.

For the first time, sleep experts have reached a consensus on how much sleep is required to optimize psychological and physical well-being at various stages of the human lifespan.

Summer Sleep and School Achievement

Keeping a regular sleep schedule in summer may be beneficial when school starts.

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5 Tips to Deal With Insomnia

By Gretchen Rubin on July 26, 2016 in The Happiness Project
I violated one of the most basic back-to-sleep tips — the tip to get up, rather than toss and turn.

3 Easy Things You Can Do to Be More Successful

By Ryan Anderson on July 24, 2016 in The Mating Game
Are you wondering how to be successful? Greatness is within everyone. A few simple adjustments to your life can go a long way.
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Summer Sleep

Want to know how much sleep your teenager needs?

When You Can't Sleep

Insufficient sleep afflicts more and more of us - but there are better ways to fix it.

Too Much Artificial Light Exposure Can Make You Sick

New research shows that the last century of artificial light pollution is an environmental hazard that is causing our circadian rhythms to go haywire.

These 5 Foods and Substances Can Cause Anxiety and Insomnia

By Georgia Ede MD on July 07, 2016 in Diagnosis: Diet
Get to the root of your anxiety and sleep problems once and for all. Learn the fascinating ways in which certain everyday foods shift your nervous system into overdrive.

How Sex Changes During Pregnancy, Nursing, and Parenthood

By Michael Castleman M.A. on July 01, 2016 in All About Sex
Pregnancy, nursing, and parenthood have sexual impacts few expectant parents appreciate.

Trauma and Sleep: Treatment

By John Cline Ph.D. on June 30, 2016 in Sleepless in America
People who have suffered trauma often experience sleep problems. Treating sleep disorder such as nightmares and insomnia can help facilitate the treatment of trauma related stress.

A Brief History of Dream Research

By Michelle Carr on June 30, 2016 in Dream Factory
Fhe study of dreams has evolved substantially since the discovery of REM sleep by researchers Aserinsky and Kleitman in 1953.

Trauma and Sleep: Disorders

By John Cline Ph.D. on June 29, 2016 in Sleepless in America
Why can't I sleep? Psychological trauma may be the answer.

Trauma and Sleep I

By John Cline Ph.D. on June 28, 2016 in Sleepless in America
Psychological trauma has been an unfortunately common aspect of human history. One of the major impacts of trauma is the disruption of sleep.

Does What You Eat Affect How You Sleep?

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on June 27, 2016 in Sleep Newzzz
It’s time to pay more attention to the possible role that nutrition may plan in helping to improve sleep.

Why Does Sleep Matter?

Life goes better with sleep.

3 Ways to Balance Your Food and Your Mood

A depressed mood can be the result of many things, but it is often a sign that your basic needs are not being met.

The Surprising Power of Just Giving Up

My last post addressed issues relating to fighting what is. This one links to situations where you can best triumph over difficulties through—paradoxically—surrendering to them.

One Easy Way to Get Better Sleep

If you are having difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, and/or sleeping well, here is one easy thing you can do to get some relief.

Do Teens Need Anti-Depressants?

By Temma Ehrenfeld on June 21, 2016 in Open Gently
Therapists often don't talk about diet and sleep when they treat depressed teens. Or parental habits. They should.

How Mild Is "Mild Cognitive Impairment"?

By Mario D Garrett Ph.D. on June 20, 2016 in iAge
Is memory loss the slippery slope to Alzheimer's disease?

Can Two People Have the Same Dream?

By Patrick McNamara Ph.D. on June 19, 2016 in Dream Catcher
We have no good scientific explanations for shared dreams. Perhaps that is why science has not yet investigated these events.

Sleep: Wake Up to These 23 Fascinating Facts

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on June 19, 2016 in Living Single
If you knew more about the science and culture of sleep and dreaming, maybe you would relax and sleep better at night.

Children, Dogs and the Power of Unconditional Love

For these kids, the human/dog bond really does lead to hope and healing. free clipart

AMA Joins the Call for Later School Start Times

American Medical Association calls for later school start times

5 Relationship Tips For New Parents

By Amie M. Gordon PhD on June 17, 2016 in Between You and Me
Has the transition to parenthood taken a toll on your relationship? Are you not as close as you used to be? Start fighting back with these five fixes.

Feeding the Adolescent Brain

As a parent myself, I know first-hand the challenges that can arise as a child faces adolescence.

10 Stress-Busting Strategies for Parents

As every parent learns, you can't be a good mom or dad when you're stressed out, no matter how positive your intentions.
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Bedtime Checklist for Creative, Curious, Imaginative Kids

A child is happier, healthier, easier-going, and more energetic when he gets enough sleep. Here’s a 12-point checklist to ensure even active, curious kids get a good night's sleep.
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How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

Pediatric sleep panel publishes guidelines for children’s sleep

Parenthood Isn’t Easy on Men’s Sleep

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on June 14, 2016 in Sleep Newzzz
Fathers—and families as a whole—stand to benefit from a greater understanding of how men experience sleep in relation to parenthood.

Sleeping While Black

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on June 14, 2016 in Minority Report
If you're black, you're more likely to get your request rejected by a potential host on Airbnb because of your race. A Harvard study found widespread discrimination against blacks

Flawed Sleep-Training Study Makes Invalid Claims-in the News

By Darcia Narvaez Ph.D. on June 12, 2016 in Moral Landscapes
A flagrantly flawed Australian study of infant sleep training recently made national news, misinforming pediatricians and parents who look to authorities for guidance.