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4 Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude

From chores to bank accounts to sleep, the benefits of gratitude are widespread.

Time Management 101

Helping College Students Manage Their Time More Effectively

Do Happy Couples Really Sleep Better?

Research into how our sleep habits merge (and why sometimes they don't).

Recent Posts on Sleep

Review of Windt's book on dreams

By Patrick McNamara Ph.D. on November 29, 2015 Dream Catcher
Windt expertly and systematically reviews the latest research on the nature of dreams.

4 Psychological Smartphone Apps Designed to Benefit Behavior

Too little sleep, too much stress, anxiety over getting the kids to school on time, and a fear of flying are common issues that can be relieved from these smartphone or tablet apps.

More Indispensables for Those With Chronic Pain and Illness

My "comfort food" is a cup of decaf coffee with cocoa powder, stevia, and coconut milk in it. (I admit, it’s really a pretend decaf mocha.) Does this sound truly awful to you? That’s why comfort food is a personal indispensable!

Examining the Effects of Mobile Phones on Kids and Teens

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on November 20, 2015 Sleep Newzzz
Navigating technology with children and teenagers isn’t easy, especially when it comes to nighttime and sleep.

Changing School Start Times

Should schools start later for high school students? What about for elementary school students?

Six Thanksgiving Traps and How to Avoid Them

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 13, 2015 How To Do Life
Making sure you're not the Thanksgiving turkey.

4 Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude

By Amie M. Gordon PhD on November 12, 2015 Between You and Me
As more researchers turn their attention to gratitude, we are learning about the widespread and sometimes surprising benefits of having a more grateful outlook. Here are four findings that suggest gratitude might play a role in how we clean, sleep, and save money.

Why Unwanted Thoughts Keep Invading Your Dreams

By Michelle Carr on November 11, 2015 Dream Factory
Think you can avoid thinking about that pesky relationship problem? In your dreams!

Ending the Nightmares

By Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. on November 11, 2015 Media Spotlight
Studies of veterans show that they may experience a wide range of PTSD symptoms, including nightmares. Some surveys reveal that more than half of all participants report their sleep as being "bad" or "very bad" though few report having any problems before being deployed.

How Seasonal Affective Disorder Can Endanger Your Health

By Michael Terman Ph.D. on November 10, 2015 Chronotherapy
You may think of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as a mere nuisance, but sometimes it is much more — even dangerous. Whether minor or life threatening, what tools can help you (or a friend) tailor a natural solution to your needs?

10 Indispensables for Those with Chronic Pain and Illness

I know the joy of hearing the actual voice of a loved one. That said, email is the principal way I communicate with people...

Is Sleep Technology Improving Sleep?

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on November 06, 2015 Sleep Newzzz
Do you track your sleep with a wristband or a bedroom sleep monitor? Are you working with a sleep app for guidance on how to relieve insomnia or some other sleep problem? If so, you are part of a growing number of people using technology to improve their nightly sleep.

Can Ancient Sleep Patterns Cure Insomnia?

The notion that eight straight hours of uninterrupted sleep is the “natural” and healthy sleep cycle has been questioned by research. Our ancestors slept nightly in two separate periods. What did they do in between?

Sleeping In

Having a hard time getting your Teen up in the mornings? Read on, and get some tips on how to wake your cranky teen.

Are Your Dreams Keeping You Awake?

By Susan Reynolds on November 02, 2015 Prime Your Gray Cells
Dreams are our brain's way to process emotions while we sleep. If you're super stressed and suffering from restless nights, even nightmares, image therapy can be an effective way to "rewrite" your dreams.

21 Sleep Tips to Refresh Your Body, Brain, and Gratitude

Sleepless nights can disrupt thinking and loving.

Master Your Immunity With Glutathione

With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s never been a more important time to bolster your body’s most protective immune-boosting antioxidant: glutathione. Little known, though naturally found in nearly all of the body’s cells, tissues and organs, glutathione is an essential immune-booster that protects our cells from oxidative stress and toxins.

Stress: The Whole Truth

Take it easy, breathe, relax, meditate—conventional advice that assumes that stress is something to relieve. But this is not the whole story. Some stress contains messages that need to be heard; some stress embodies energy that we need to live; and some tensions simply won't be relieved by conventional notions and strategies. Want to find out more?

Parenting in the Real Digital World

By Elaine Reese Ph.D. on October 29, 2015 Tell Me a Story
Can parents follow the AAP's new advice for managing their children's and adolescents' media use?

Treating Sleep Apnea Could Save Your Sex Life

By Temma Ehrenfeld on October 28, 2015 Open Gently
Treating sleep apnea or choosing to sleep apart may improve your sex life.

Details From the New Frontier of Sleep

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on October 27, 2015 Sleep Newzzz
Technology is often regarded as exclusively undermining to sleep, intruding into our lives at all times of day and night and compromising healthy rest. But the reality is more complicated than that.

Top 5 Lifestyle Changes to Lower Cancer Risk

What lifestyle modifications should you consider to start living a healthier life right now?

People Who Don't Dream Might Not Recall Their Dreams

By Patrick McNamara Ph.D. on October 25, 2015 Dream Catcher
Although some people swear that they have never dreamed new data suggests that they may be mistaken.

7 Subtle Signs of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

The signs of depression may be less obvious than you think.

Watch Dream Research in Action!

By Michelle Carr on October 14, 2015 Dream Factory
Dream researcher Elizaveta Solomonova discusses how we can learn more about dreaming through the study of experienced meditators.

New Details About How Melatonin Triggers Sleep

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on October 13, 2015 Sleep Newzzz
New findings also suggest that melatonin may be a bridge between the two powerful systems that govern sleep: the circadian system and the homeostatic sleep system.

10 Bad Habits That Sometimes Do Us Good

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on October 13, 2015 In Excess
All of us have bad habits, and all of us from time to time feel guilty about these habits. But there are some bad habits—at least when carried out in moderation—that might actually have benefits for psychological and/or physical wellbeing. Here are my top 10 bad habits that might do you good.

Running On Empty?

When you find yourself feeling exhausted, you are in a state of deprivation, temporarily unable to replenish yourself. This means that the natural balance of give and take, which characterizes healthy living, is disturbed. The question is how to open yourself up again and, quite literally, change your mind.

Feeding the Adolescent Brain

As a parent myself, I know first-hand the challenges that can arise as a child faces adolescence. Paying attention in school, staying alert and focused throughout the day, and retaining the information taught is increasingly important for teens as they prepare for tests, college prep and a professional career.

Get More Sleep and a Better Night's Rest

Exhausted? Longing for more sleep? If you have a hard time getting yourself to bed, and don't sleep very well once you get there, these tips will help you get a better night's rest.