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Attachment Love and the Disempowerment of Women

Because attachment is linked to scripts of heterosexuality, monogamy and constrained female desire, it is far more likely than romantic love to lead to oppression of women.

Behavioral Addictions: A Dangerous and Slippery Slope

By Allen J Frances M.D. on May 16, 2016 in Saving Normal
The potential list of behavioral addictions can conceivably expand to include almost every area of activity that people feel passionate about.

What's in a Voice?

Researchers have discovered a connection between certain female vocal features and physical attractiveness, health, and fertility, indicating an evolutionary mechanism.

How Many Sex Partners Does It Take to Be Happy?

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on May 13, 2016 in Insight Therapy
When it comes to sex, most people will agree that the partnered version is better than the solitary one. But how many partners?

Checking Up on the Science of Homosexuality

What does science really tell us about sexual orientation?

The Psychology of Flirting: Nonverbal Behavior in Courtship

By Martin Graff Ph.D. on May 10, 2016 in Love, Digitally
There are three stages people have to negotiate in order to successfully flirt.

Is Title IX Anti-Evolutionary?

Is Title IX against human nature?

What's the Big Deal About Bathrooms?

What the North Carolina bathroom bill means for kids in schools

What the Bible and “Nature” Say About Bathroom Laws

By Hal Herzog Ph.D. on May 09, 2016 in Animals and Us
Is the North Carolina law legalizing discrimination against gays, lesbians, and transsexuals consistent with the Bible and the laws of nature?

When Will You Meet "The One"?

There are more ways than ever to find a mate, and higher expectations than ever for what we seek and think we need. For most people, this is a recipe for misery.
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Yes, It Is Time to Finally Move on From Sex Addiction

A new clinical model for the treatment of out of control sexual behavior appears to suggest that the sex addiction model is approaching its expiration date.

Some Men Are Sexual Poachers: Their Brains May Reveal Them

Some men seek to attract other men's partners, others do not. Now there are indications that activation of a particular part of the brain may separate them.

Do Married People Really Have Less Sex?

Do single people really feel more sexually satisfied than their married counterparts?

Bisexual Health Disparities

15% of the public claims bisexuality doesn't exist, and many others hold unrealistic beliefs about this demographic. Physical and mental health consequences are the result.

What Does a 'Gold Digger' Deserve?

By Ruth Lee Johnson J.D. on April 25, 2016 in So Sue Me
Gold diggers love your wallet more than they love you. And when they have taken enough from you, they leave. Is there a way to stop them from getting away with it?

Are Men and Women Portrayed Differently in TV Ads

By Adrian Furnham Ph.D. on April 23, 2016 in A Sideways View
Does television mirror or mould attitudes to gender differences? Why are males portrayed more often as professional authorities and women as naïve consumers all around the world

Losing a Loved One to Porn (and What You Can Do About It)

By Sue Johnson on April 21, 2016 in Hold Me Tight
When is the line crossed from porn use to porn addiction? When is porn eroding your connection with your partner?

10 Tips to Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is a quickly escalating problem that’s more likely to occur in an addictive personality. It's important to be careful with how you conduct your romantic life online.

Is Love Simply a Puff of Oxytocin?

Bonding is an essential part of social, sexual and family life. How much is this due to one simple chemical in the brain?

LGBT Status and Mental Health

Earlier this week, we learned that Tennessee had passed some legislation that would promote discrimination against LGBT individuals in need of therapy. This is our response.

Can Renouncing Promiscuity Help You Find Monogamous Love?

By Zhana Vrangalova Ph.D. on April 11, 2016 in Strictly Casual
Most people prefer to date nonpromiscuous partners. But what if someone puts their promiscuity behind them and fully commits to monogamy?

6 Relationships in Every Marriage

Identifying which of the six marital relationships is implicated in any conflict can help the couple come up with resolutions and strategies to prevent future conflicts.

Beyond Abstinence-Only: Sex Ed Should Be Sex Positive

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on April 05, 2016 in Insight Therapy
Sex education should focus on what sex is about in our time: Connection, pleasure, and (planned) parenthood.

Evidence-Based Dating: What Could Go Wrong?

There is no shortage of research into romance and relationships. But is it convincing? And are psychologists really best placed to advise others on romance?

Tinder Study Shows Science of Best First-Date Body Language

By Garth Sundem on April 02, 2016 in Brain Trust
Want to be attractive on a first date or on Tinder? "People who are seen in expansive, open nonverbal displays enjoy increases in others’ romantic attraction," writes a new study.

Affirmative Consent Doesn’t Prevent Rape But It Enhances Sex

By Michael Castleman M.A. on March 31, 2016 in All About Sex
"Affirmative consent" for every sexual escalation plays no role in successful rape-prevetion programs, but it's still a wonderful idea because it enhances the quality of sex.

Polyandry (One Woman, Many Men)

By David P. Barash Ph.D. on March 26, 2016 in Pura Vida
Draupadi and her five husbands: The only thing unusual here is the overt acknowledgment of this woman's polyandry.

In Love and Marriage, Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

We describe why having more partners before marriage doesn't lead to success in marriage, including the impact of having a model of the perfect sexual lover in your mind.

Is Tact Useful in Romantic Love?

Tact is a virtue that is commonly praised and rarely practiced, especially in our current society. Is tact valuable in sex and romantic love? How can we nurture tact?