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10 Steps to Effective Couples Communication

How to discuss everything from the trivial to the traumatic

Develop This Trait to Become a Successful, Confident Person

You can learn to be a successful person personally and professionally by nurturing benevolent curiosity.

5 Ways to Banish the Belief That You're Not Good Enough

You won't reach your goals unless you believe you're worthy of success.

Mindfulness Is Oversold

By Peter D Kramer on April 27, 2016 in In Practice
Has mindfulness therapy been oversold? A new paper suggests that it has—and that psychotherapy research in general may be in crisis.

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Low-Stress, High-Productivity Multitasking

Done right, the benefits can outweigh the liabilities.

Marijuana for Chronic Pain

The historians tell us that, as early as 5,000 years ago, Chinese texts documented the medicinal benefits of Cannabis sativa extracts unrelated to its psychoactive properties.

Depression Is a Drag

When depression is a drag, do not expect to move all at once. These kinds of slow and steady steps will strengthen your mood, your body and your mental energy to move forward.

4 Ways You Sabotage Your Relationships

We sabotage our ability to fix problems in our relationships by clinging to the stories we make up. A look at some of the most common saboteurs and ways around them.

Misfortune as Opportunity

By Christa Smith Psy.D. on May 04, 2016 Shift
We can't always avoid pain, so why not look for a more meaningful way to engage it?

To Each Their Own

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on May 03, 2016 Ambigamy
Are you uncaring? Maybe you're just other-caring. We need a new prefix, "other-". The anti-PC police aren't going to like it, but to each their own.

David Oaks on Psychiatric Survivor Activism

The future of mental health interview series continues with David Oaks on psychiatric survivor activism.

Mindfulness and Depression

Patients receiving MBCT had a significantly reduced risk of depressive relapse within a 60-week follow-up period compared with those who received usual care.

How Do You Forgive Even When It Feels Impossible? (Part 2)

I'll explain what I mean when I use the word "forgive," why I recommend the healing power of forgiveness, and how to heal even when you don't feel you can forgive.

Bernadette Grosjean on "From Locked in to Locked Out"

The future of mental health interview series continues with Bernadette Grosjean on sufferers who were previously "locked in" institutions and who are now "locked out" of services.

What's Your Own Role?

Acknowledging one's own part in a difficult situation is one of the hardest - and I think most honorable - things a person can do.

This Simple Insight Will Take a Load Off Your Mind

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on May 01, 2016 Ambigamy
You'll be a lot smarter, happier and more bully-proof when you divorce the popular moral nonsense that makes an absolute virtue out of only-sometimes-useful tactics.

The Rut Checklist

By Tania Luna on May 01, 2016 Surprise!
Can you tell if you or someone close to you is stuck in a rut?

Creating Boundaries with Your Adult Child

Are you overwhelmed, stressed out, and racked with guilt in trying to decide how to best help your adult child?

Watch Your Language!

Just what is your choice of language telling yourself and others?

Grace Joubarne on Emotional Freedom

The future of mental health interview series continues with Grace Joubarne on emotional freedom.

Of High Colonics and Ejaculation

By Mark Borigini M.D. on April 29, 2016 Overcoming Pain
The publication provides greater detail on a finding presented at a meeting last year: that men might be able to lower their risk for prostate cancer by ejaculating frequently.

6 Ways to Re-new and Re-balance Your Life

By Abigail Brenner M.D. on April 29, 2016 In Flux
Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth. Following the season as an example, we can reassess our lives, make change, start new projects,and begin again.

Why Should We Forgive?

Forgiveness is an act of love, strength and a gift from which no one benefits more than ourselves.

The Two Ways We Shop For Psychological Insights

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on April 29, 2016 Ambigamy
Psychological therapy and psychological science have different goals. It's useful to be clear on the difference.

Ditch Perfection and Embrace Progress

By Fran Simone Ph.D. on April 29, 2016 A Family Affair
Does the voice of perfectionism shout at you? You can learn how to quiet it down.

5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Junk Emotions

If we thought about our emotions as products we consume, just as we do food, how would this change our life and our health?

Corinna West on Poetry for Personal Power

The future of mental health interview series continues with Corinna West on the organization Poetry for Personal Power.

Does Joining Your Head and Your Heart Create Wisdom?

New research shows how heart rate affects reason when dealing with complex problems. It highlights the importance of stepping outside of a narrow, self-centered perspective.

How We Shoot Ourselves in the Foot Again and Again

We can repeatedly shoot ourselves in the foot for one simple reason. Under stress, we tend to retreat to habits of emotion regulation formed as far back as toddlerhood.

Follow Your Dream?

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on April 29, 2016 How To Do Life
Stories they don't tell you on Oprah

Spring Cleaning For Your Career: A Career Checklist

By Suzanne Gelb PhD JD on April 28, 2016 All Grown Up
Are you feeling satisfied in your career, working productively, and moving in a direction that feels right for you…? A mental spring cleaning can be helpful.

Why Shouldn't We Mourn Prince?

By Jonathan Fader Ph.D. on April 28, 2016 The New You
Why do people mourn Prince?

The Mindful Pause: How to Help Others

The very popular and short exercise called "the mindful pause" integrates character strengths & mindfulness. This post delves into its use by practitioners. Learn several examples.

Green It Is!

Green up your life. It'll be good for your body and your mind.