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How to Deal With Unrequited Love

Why do we love people who do not love us back? What can we do about unreciprocated feelings? Research has the answers.

6 Strategies for Dealing With Adult Sibling Rivalry

It only takes one person to change the functioning of an entire family system – as you shift your own behaviors, others will have to shift in response.

Psychology's Crisis Isn't New

By Jonathan Wai Ph.D. on September 30, 2016 in Finding the Next Einstein
What is new is the public attention and change that’s generating. In addition to the replication crisis, here are some other problems with the field that need addressing.

When Is It Good to Forgive?

By Amie M. Gordon PhD on September 29, 2016 in Between You and Me
What should you do when your partner upsets you? Recent research suggests that whether you are better off forgiving or getting angry depends on your partner’s personality.

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Your 30-Year Crisis: A Short Guide

By Robert Taibbi L.C.S.W. on August 07, 2016 in Fixing Families
The early 30's are often a time of reflection, challenge and change. A guide to the common challenges and tips for navigating them.

College Parents 101

By Deborah J. Cohan, Ph.D. on August 07, 2016 in Social Lights
Six things parents must discuss with their college-bound kids

The Seven Things That Happy Couples Do

Do these seven things to deepen your love and make it happier.
by author

Are You a Schlepper or a Schlepee?

Two psychologists on opposite sides of the planet discuss the nature of relationships.

6 Ways to Avoid Raising Racist Kids

By Barbara Greenberg Ph.D. on August 06, 2016 in The Teen Doctor
We need to have clear communication with our kids about race.

What Makes These 6 New Novels Unforgettable?

By Susan K Perry Ph.D. on August 05, 2016 in Creating in Flow
You probably don't remember every book you read. A novel sticks when characters are so real, emotions so genuine, that you experience the story as though an actual witness to it.

The Myth of “I Should Have Done Better”

When we are living from the belief that “I should do better," and “other people should do better," it sets us up for chronic judgment, resentment, and disappointment.

Sacred America, Sacred World: A New Book by Stephen Dinan

By Mark Matousek on August 05, 2016 in Ethical Wisdom
The visionary founder and CEO of The Shift Network talks about bringing evolution -- not revolution -- to Washington D.C.

Denigrating a CoParent: Alienation or Boomerang?

“Your father is a self-absorbed narcissistic!” “Your greedy, bloodsucking mother robbed me of all of my money!”
'Seven Deadly Sins', labeled for reuse, Wikipedia

Why "Eroticized Rage" Is a Nonsense Concept

By Michael Aaron, Ph.D. on August 05, 2016 in Standard Deviations
'Eroticized rage' is a popular concept in sex addiction circles, but it is merely biased sex-negative moralism disguised as psychoanalytic jargon.

Maintaining Self-Control and Sexual Integrity

You can set the tone for most of your relationships. Conducting yourself in an aboveboard manner shows that you respect yourself and others.

5 Powerful Strategies for Handling Unexpected Conflicts

Keep your sense of humor and make careful, gentle use of it. But guard against the temptation to become snarky. Lighten the mood; don’t unleash the sarcasm and satire that bites.

7 Ways a Great Leader Is Like a Good Lover

Your relationship with your leader should be rewarding and fulfilling.

Learning to Love My Body—All of It

Take active measures to heal your body dissatisfaction and I promise that over time, it will get easier.

4 Expert Tips on Emotionally Preparing for Divorce

Many people I talk to want to know how to best manage the psychology of divorce. Direct your attention on these four key areas—financial, parental, emotional and social.

When You Don't Know What to Say

By Wendy Lustbader M.S.W. on August 03, 2016 in Life Gets Better
Often we don't phone or visit when a loved one is ill or grieving because we don't know what to say and dread our awkwardness—then we feel guilty about our silence and inaction.

5 Steps to Reclaim Your Life After a Bad Divorce

By Peg Streep on August 03, 2016 in Tech Support
There's no question that divorce can be a pivotal event in your life. Here's what to do to help yourself recover.

Watching Edie: An Interview With Novelist Camilla Way

Watching Edie, a new novel about friendship, is a psychological thriller.

The New World of Male Friendship

What is male friendship all about these days? We will look at this issue in the context of Abraham Lincoln and his most intimate friend, Joshua Speed.

The Pathological Narcissist

Have you been involved with a pathological narcissist? There is no hope for a relationship with someone incapable of love, empathy or enjoyment. Time to abandon ship!
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How You Really See Your Partner (And Why It Matters So Much)

By Temma Ehrenfeld on August 02, 2016 in Open Gently
Thinking your date is better-looking than you are is a good sign that you're in love. It's also probably not true and unimportant.

The 2 Most Important Elements of Any Relationship

Embracing respect and compassion, and putting them into daily practice, will improve all of our relationships.

The Destructive Force of Narcissistic Injury

Narcissists suffer from vulnerable self-esteem and narcissistic injury.

Your Relationship’s Personality

What is a relationship's personality, and how does it protect itself? Defect and defense can be seen as interchangeable terms—both pinpointing the existence of irrelationship.

When Passive-Aggression Is the Third Party in Your Relations

By Andrea Brandt Ph.D. M.F.T. on August 01, 2016 in Mindful Anger
Passive-aggressive behavior doesn't have to spell death for your relationship, as long as you're both open and honest about your boundaries.

What Is Healthy Helping and Giving?

By Shawn M. Burn Ph.D. on August 01, 2016 in Presence of Mind
Healthy givers have the will and the skill to set appropriate helping and giving boundaries. A new book supplies explanations and solutions for codependence and unhealthy giving.

Advice: How Much Texting Is Too Much for My Teen?

What limits (if any) should a parent put on a constantly texting teen?

You Write the Caption!

By Paul Joannides Psy.D. on August 01, 2016 in As You Like It
Please take a moment and write your own caption for this image that I've constructed.

Kinky Women: How Do They Play?

By Michael Castleman M.A. on August 01, 2016 in All About Sex
Women and Kinky Sex: Women into BDSM enjoy a broad range of both vanilla and fringe sexual activities