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What to Do When You Feel Someone Pulling Away

By Kira Asatryan on February 09, 2016 in The Art of Closeness
The pain of a partner pulling away is real. Here’s how to maintain your sanity.

Narcissism and the Myth of Invincibility

People whose narcissism leads them to believe in the myth of their own invincibility may be setting themselves up for a pretty hard fall.

Sisters Choosing Him for Themselves

By Robert Burriss Ph.D. on February 09, 2016 in Attraction, Evolved
Research shows that women value physical attractiveness more when choosing a partner for themselves than for a sister.

The “Airbag” of Depersonalization: Shield or Disorder?

By Elena Bezzubova on February 09, 2016 in The Search for Self
The painful experience of unreality safeguards from a danger.

More Posts on Relationships

When Your Partner Wants Non-Monogamy and You Don’t

This blog explores the difficulties that some people in mixed orientation relationships with a monogamous and a polyamorous person, as well as some strategies to handle challenges

When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

By Shawn M. Burn Ph.D. on January 14, 2016 Presence of Mind
We usually expect our gifts and help to strengthen our relationship . But that doesn’t always happen because good intentions aren’t enough for successful helping and giving.

How to Tame Your Unruly Brain

By Marcia Reynolds Psy.D. on January 14, 2016 Wander Woman
Your brain is quick to react so how you act following a reaction is critical. Learn how to better analyze your reactions and then tell your brain what to do next.

Do Women Prefer Handsome Men or Helpful Men?

Women are attracted to men who are altruistic and good looking. But, if you had to choose, which would be more important to you?

4 Key Reasons Grandmas Act Differently With Their Grandkids

My 30+ years as a therapist has led me to a curious conclusion about families: namely, that grandparents find it much easier to love their grandchildren unconditionally than . . .

Do You Expect Too Much from Yourself?

We burden ourselves when our expectations are unrealistically high. Being human means having limits and sometimes failing. But failure can be a doorway to future success.

Having Social Bonds Is the No. 1 Way to Optimize Your Health

Maintaining close-knit social ties throughout your life may promote well-being and longevity even more than diet and exercise.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Princess Leia has not lost faith. Persephone is rising.

9 Rules for Recovering from Relationship Mistakes

These 9 ideas are critical to returning to a healthy relationship with your partner.

The Hero Within

Most people have no idea that the stories inside our heads determine much of what we notice in the world or how we string our observations together to make meanings of them.

Beware of Performers Bearing Gifts

Being generous is, of course, a wonderful quality. It is also the sheep’s clothes of irrelationship, allowing us to hide our anxiety about being close to others.

Why All Parents Need The Teachings from the Jedi Master

We will all face challenges in 2016. We can choose the good side of the force—always. Let's teach this to our children and remember it for ourselves.

Are Narcissists Born or Made?

Narcissism can be understood through developmental theory, but it can only be addressed through honesty and hard work.

5 Ways to Get Closer to Each Other, Starting Today

By Alice Boyes Ph.D. on January 12, 2016 In Practice
Practical tips for a stronger bond and more loving relationship.

The Ideal Ex-Husband

By Wendy Paris on January 12, 2016 Splitopia
We assume divorce leads to ever-growing distance, or active anger, but my own ex feels more like a 20-percent spouse, fulfilling about one-fifth of the roles I'd once sought.

Agree? There are 3 Main Avenues to Meaning in Life

By Gretchen Rubin on January 12, 2016 The Happiness Project
Reading these lines reminds me of another post in which I quoted Frankl–which may be one of the best posts I ever wrote.

5 Things a Loving Parent Never Says

By Peg Streep on January 12, 2016 Tech Support
Being aware of your own behavior and how it can impact your child's development as well as practicing mindful and conscious parenting are key to raising emotionally healthy kids

Saying Yes to Female Orgasm

By Stephen Snyder M.D. on January 12, 2016 SexualityToday
The techniques each woman prefers are so specific that guessing will get you nowhere. A good reminder that sometimes the best way to find out what turns a woman on is just to ask.

10 Ways to Bring Mindfulness to the Way You Use Facebook

Research suggests that using Facebook can cause people to feel worse about themselves, lonelier, or sadder. Mindfulness can help protect you some of these detrimental effects.

Marriage Counseling

All relationships have problems. Should we try to work them out ourselves, talk to friends or relatives, or go to a marriage counselor?

Who Do You Argue With?

By Rick Hanson Ph.D. on January 11, 2016 Your Wise Brain
Quarrels activate the ancient fight-or-flight machinery in your brain and body: a bit won't harm you, but regular quarreling is not good for long-term physical and mental health.

Talking with High School Students about Communication

Talk about communication of the un-spoken and spoken kinds, view communication as data sharing, discuss primary information needs, and suggest sex differences that may occur

Self-Improvement as Cultural Illness

Have we slipped the social and cultural moorings that historically have connected people and guided their ventures into the world?

Before You Divorce, Why Not Try a Parenting Marriage?

This newer alternative is actually a throw-back to the ways people used to operate all the time (and, in some areas of the world, still do).

The Benefits of Play Events in Your Community

By Darcia Narvaez Ph.D. on January 10, 2016 Moral Landscapes
Your community will come alive when they have the opportunity to play together!

7 Signs of a Covert Introvert Narcissist

Introvert narcissists are often difficult to spot, and yet can carry the same self-conceit and negative contagion as their extroverted counterpart. Look for these key signs...

Lust on the Loose

By Frances Cohen Praver Ph.D. on January 10, 2016 Love Doc
Slim of waist, statuesque of build, Samantha strode briskly into the room. Flashing me a winning smile, she sat down and tossed her long auburn hair out of her eyes.

The One Thing To Know About Happiness

Don't you want to know what the secret to happiness is? I know I do. What do we gain once we know, and what is there to do from here on? Find your path, walk your steps...Leap!

Are Power Over Relationships Inevitable?

By Amy Banks on January 09, 2016 Wired For Love
“Neuroaffiliative hormones” are chemicals running through your body 24/7 that help shape your experience of being in human relationship.

The Appeal of Borderline Personality

Borderline individuals can be appealing, interesting people. "Don't hate me because I'm borderline!"