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Really Bad Good Advice

By Jen Kim on May 03, 2010 in Valley Girl With a Brain
There's no such thing as good advice, but that's okay. They weren't going to listen to it anyway.

Can a mother be a daughter's best friend?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Amy Chozick, How Parents Became Cool, describes the parental paradigm shift (as seen on TV) from loving but firm (think: The Brady Bunch) to best friends (think: Pretty Little Liars). We've all heard stories of (and some of us have witnessed up close) moms who are trying so desperately to be cool that they opt for the role of BFFs to their daughters instead of moms. It's an easy line to cross; after all, every woman wants another friend---and moms, especially, want to connect with their teens and tweens and not be thought of as old hags. But can a mother be a daughter's best friend?

Stop Procrastinating and Get Out of Your Love Rut

Get past relationship procrastination hurdles by using seven relationship building techniques to put the glow back into your relationship  

How to Train Your Dragon

Becoming an expert user of your own brain or, metaphorically, training your dragon is essential to behaving self-responsibly.

U-Haul? She-Haul, Me-Haul: The Newest Shopping Temptation

I'm scratching my head about-and steeling myself for the potential fallout from-a new internet phenomenon, the "Haul Video," examples of which are popping up on YouTube like mushrooms after a rain. For the past several months, teenage girls and young adult women have been creating video narratives of their latest shopping caches. The vlogger (video blogger) typically shows and tells all: what she's purchased, where, when, how much it cost, what she'll wear it with, and what she told herself to justify her purchase. Her video is in essence a five-to-ten-minute "soliloquy on my new stuff." The most popular hauls have been viewed by staggering numbers of people, even into the millions.

Adultery: What Should the Betrayed Spouse Do?

In earlier posts, I discussed the ethical issues facing the potential adulterer and his or her paramour. But what about the person who discovers that he or she has been cheated on?

Can Profound Love be Routine?

 It is easy to be excited by novel events, which opens up new horizons and experiences for us. However, our life mainly consists of routine activities that we have done many times. Similarly, although loving relationships often involve new experiences, most of the time lovers engage in routine activities. Long-term happiness and loving relationships depends on our ability to enjoy routine activities. How can we do this?

You Must Kiss More Than The Lips

By Maryanne Fisher Ph.D. on April 30, 2010 in Love's Evolver
Think of Casablanca, where we see the romance, not the sex, between Ilsa and Rick (aka Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart). Their final kiss is pure romance, the kind that grabs you in your gut and squeezes. It isn’t a kiss that is meeting some sexual need – it’s so very much deeper, and I think you all know the kind of kiss I’m talking about.

Have You Questioned Your Life Lately?

I had a wake-up call this week. Not the worst kind, like a critical illness or death, but a shake-up wake-up nonetheless. Are you due for one, too? Be smarter than me - take time to question your life before it hits you between the eyes!

Are Married Men More Desirable?

By Gad Saad Ph.D. on April 30, 2010 in Homo Consumericus
The wedding ring effect refers to the folk belief that married men, who signal their marital status via the wearing of a wedding ring, are construed by women as more desirable. Before you single guys rush out to buy fake wedding bands, read this post! 

Why NOT To Marry Your Second-Choice Man

I knew one woman who, having resigned herself to marring a "second-choice husband," then made a career out of belittling any sign of happiness between two other people. "Those love-birds are headed for a fall," she cluck over any new couple, palpably longing for disaster. She couldn't stand the idea that anyone might actually have a relationship based on passion, fun, or even simply the promise of an equal match between the partners.

Facebook caused the recession!

Sure, some value lies in gaining the support of friends, as in gauging the popularity of a given stock or bond. But the real, intrinsic value of anything lies in the direct knowledge an individual has of it, and the benefit he or she finds in using it. This is the basis of true information, of honesty, of knowing our place in the world. Stray too far from internal values and you lose your bearings. Spend too much time seeking the approval of others and you lose yourself. 

A clinical portrait of excessive online porn use (Part 7)

By Todd Essig Ph.D. on April 29, 2010 in Over-Simulated
In this installment of "Paul and His Girls," the story moves towards a climax with an outbreak of hostility between Paul and the therapist.

Loving Yourself—How Important Is It?

Not long ago I told a friend (channeling Groucho Marx by way of Yogi Berra), "I wouldn't like myself very much if I liked myself." But what does liking (or loving) myself have to do loving other people?

Troubled Adoptions: Why? What to do?

 In recent weeks there has been a fair amount of attention given to troubled adoptions.  This has, in turn, been unsettling to individuals with infertility who ultimately are considering adoption as an option for future parenthood.

Autism Awareness Month: Honoring Those with Autism, Thanking Those Who Help Them

I am 21 and I have autism. I have been very lucky, and I would like to give back to my community by telling people what having autism is like. There are many people on the autism spectrum in our community, so it is important to realize what your fellow citizens have struggles with every day.

Feening for a technology fix!

By Tina Indalecio on April 29, 2010 in Curious Media
While technology is great at allowing us to make long distance connections, it can also be great at breaking down our closest connections - the ones that really matter the most. 

What Does It Mean to Be "Afraid of Love"?

The other day, a friend and I were talking about fears, and she said to me that one thing she's afraid of is love. I'm sure many people feel this way, so I'd like to explore the various aspects of love that could inspire fear...