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Recent Posts on Relationships

Autism - It's a Family Thing

By Chantal Sicile-Kira on December 13, 2010 in The Autism Advocate
Family life is all about relationships and communication: relationships between two people in love, parents and children, siblings, extended family members. Yet, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are all about communication challenges, misunderstanding of social cues, and lack of emotional understanding, thus affecting every relationship in the family. It has been estimated that the divorce rate is in the 80% range in families with children who have autism (Bolman, 2006). Despite high rates of marital conflict, many couples do not reach out for couples therapy.

Death to Cheating Wives? Take Two

By David J Ley Ph.D. on December 13, 2010 in Women Who Stray
Tragic events related to female infidelity will continue as long as men view their wives' sexuality as property, rather than a cherished gift.

Compulsive Buying: An Impulse-Control Disorder

Although not all compulsive buyers are particularly interested with such distinctions, there's some uncertainty among the mental health profession about whether to see overshopping as a genuine disorder or merely a bad habit.

5 Ways to Ask for Help

By Terri Orbuch Ph.D. on December 13, 2010 in The Love Doctor
The sense of being able to count on your spouse for help turns out to be a key to marital happiness.

Upside of Committing to Marriage

By Kimberly Key on December 13, 2010 in Counseling Keys
Examining why 50% of people stay married and what they get out of their lifetime commitment.

Basking in Human Goodness

By Marietta McCarty on December 13, 2010 in Life Saving Philosophy
What does your experience of the world teach you? Not the news, twittered or blogged; not movies, magazines, or music - - - what about your own, everyday, very personal experience of humanity?  I hereby take a stand for the abundance of human goodness.

Loving Someone with ADD

By Lara Honos-Webb Ph.D. on December 13, 2010 in The Gift of ADHD
 Loving Someone With ADD. You need to know the gifts of ADD to create a passionate partnership.

Your platonic friend…she’s just not that into you~

By Irene S Levine Ph.D. on December 13, 2010 in The Friendship Doctor
Dear Irene,I have read and been told by female friends that when a man is friends with a woman and all of a sudden wants to take it to a romantic level, the woman will "freak out" and get turned off. 

In the Garden of Faith, by Jenna Holst

By Jennifer Haupt on December 12, 2010 in One True Thing
There is a nocturnal bird in my garden who stands motionless during the daylight hours, waiting for the dimness of dusk before moving about. He is like a monk patiently listening for the ringing of the bell that calls him to meditations.

I Am Only Second Best

By Aaron Ben-Zeév Ph.D. on December 12, 2010 in In the Name of Love
In most circumstances, it is unpleasant to be considered second best; in romantic relationship it is even more devastating. Given that we all know that it is often so hard to attain the ideal, why is it so difficult to be considered second best? Why are we so frustrated by a partner that we consider to be a second best choice?  

Holiday Blues: Single in the City

By Robert L Leahy Ph.D. on December 12, 2010 in Anxiety Files
You are sitting at home alone, no one to share your Christmas spirit with. All alone, you wonder what is wrong with you. " What can you do to make the Holidays better?

Four Reasons Smart People Make Stupid Dating Decisions

By Linda Young Ph.D. on December 10, 2010 in Love in Limbo
Every guy or girl in a bar looks more irresistible when you're sex or relationship-starved.

The Reality of Love

By Ann Smith on December 10, 2010 in Healthy Connections
Maintaining a healthy amount of connection, respect, tenderness and acceptance will ensure the magic returns from time to time. It isn't the same as chemistry but it is much more valuable and lasting.

It Gets Better: Helping or Hurting?

Dan Savage's "It gets better" campaign to reach out to youth in order to reduce suicide has exploded on the internet. There are submissions from politicians, TV stars and musicians.  Can a video from a stranger prevent suicide? Or is it just lip service?

The Science of Effective Apologies

By Guy Winch Ph.D. on December 09, 2010 in The Squeaky Wheel
Once a problem arises in a relationship, the best way to begin the process of healing the rupture and rebuilding trust is for the offending party to offer an authentic apology. However, for our apology to be effective we have to first listen to the offended party to determine what matters to them.

Does He Love Me? I Want to Know. (And Here's How to Tell.)

According to new research, romantic feelings like love, intimacy, and commitment reliably lead to some loving behaviors, but not others.

Throw Love at Him! C'mon! It's Kindergarten!

Women who have been abandoned often ask me about forgiveness. Is it necessary to forgive to completely heal and how to go about that? I've not known how to answer them, not feeling the need to forgive what my husband did to me, or maybe not wanting to.

Elizabeth Edwards' Secret Weapon

By Melinda Blau on December 08, 2010 in Consequential Strangers
How the ability to connect helped Elizabeth Edwards live a good life despite all she endured.

The Key to an (Almost) Perfect Partnership

Not too long ago my friend Jeff and I were sitting in a bar discussing the trials, tribulations and triumphs of life, work, kids and - more than anything else - relationships. At one point he turned to me and said, "You know, it's too bad you'd look like sh*t in a dress".