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Are You Working for a Company that Doesn't Trust You?

Does your company trust you? What's the culture like where you work -- trust enhancing or trust depleting? Here are 10 ways to tell if your company doesn't trust you.

That Time I Almost Wrecked My Personal Purpose

By Dan Pontefract on May 28, 2016 in Working on Purpose
I once lost my personal purpose. In the process I almost ruined my life. But then I realized, personal purpose is a lifelong journey. How did it end?

Are You Flirting More Than You Realize?

Whether or not you intend to, you may be sending out signals that you’re sexually available. See which of the 5 flirting types fits your own behavior.

OK No Cupid?

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on May 27, 2016 in Ambigamy
Do you dread the possibility that you'll end up single even as, with age, the odds increase that you will? If so, something has to change. Perhaps your attitude about singleness.

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Teams and Health in Space

By Chester S Spell Ph.D. on May 16, 2016 in Team Spirit
Can six astronauts share a tiny apartment for 5 years without driving each other crazy? NASA and the emerging private space industry are searching for answers.

5 Principles to Unleash Your Power of Communication

Would you rather be right or would you rather be loved and (happy)?
Patrick Giblin, flickr

Are You Clutter-Blind? Or Do You Know Someone Who Is?

The fact is, very often, people in a couple or in a group have different levels of tolerance for clutter, and the ones with the least tolerance end up doing the most tidying...

Does Someone Like You? You May Soon Be Able to Know for Sure

By Jen Kim on May 16, 2016 in Valley Girl With a Brain
Does your date find you attractive? A new device will tell you.

12 Fight-Back! Strategies to Sexually Survive Breast Cancer

Beating cancer means being and feeling alive and having hope. Beating breast cancer mean that and feeling like a fully-alive female and sexual being.

5 Steps for a Better Sex Life

By Lisa Thomas LMFT on May 15, 2016 in Save Your Sex Life
Is having a more satisfying sex life something you desire? Then read these 5 tips for how to get started, tonight!

Are Wedding Traditions Outdated?

Would you still call him a "Best Man," if you knew where that term came from? Probably not.

A New Study Reveals Our Deepest Sexual Insecurities

Google searches of sex subjects reveal the depth of men's and women's sexual insecurities.

Love and Psychotherapy

The therapist is always, first and foremost, a human being relating to another human being. Love is part of this equation.

Loving Your Body Through a Chronic Illness

Gratitude will change the way you see your body for the better

Can You Restore Respect Once You Lose It?

By Marcia Reynolds Psy.D. on May 14, 2016 in Wander Woman
One of the quickest ways to destroy a relationship is to lose respect. Though difficult, if you want to restore respect, these steps will help you find your way back.

Stress, Success And The Demise of Manhood

R.E.M. sang "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine." But many men find their view of manhood and success crumbling, and it doesn't feel so "fine." Here's why.

Can We Please Have Sex? 5 Steps to Restart Intimacy

When one partner stops your sex life it's a cry for help that adds significant tension to a marriage. Resolving the issues so you can make love again takes a sensitive approach.

Donald, people who live in glass houses shouldn't name call

Will she do everything she can to resist the ever-so-tempting, but career-ending response of, “You Mr. Trump are an ignorant pr—k!” from a Megan Kelly?

10 Tips: When You Don't Like Your Teen's Friends

What To Do When You Don't Like Your Child's Friends

Does Talking to an Attractive Woman Make Men Dumber?

If women value intelligent mates, why do men become less intelligent when talking to beautiful women?

Is There 'Someone for Everyone'?

By Martin Graff Ph.D. on May 13, 2016 in Love, Digitally
Errors in choosing someone have consequences for life.

Soaring Love or Plodding Relationship?

Soaring love transcends the limits of emotional habits and helps us become the most empowered and humane partners we can be.

Stop Dating the Wrong Person

What is it about unhealthy relationship patterns that keep us stuck in a rut? You may be addicted to bad relationships.

Four Calls for Cops

Why do cops stand in the gap between good and evil? Because stepping into the rain and getting soaked while holding an umbrella over another to stay dry never felt so good!

Losing Love—and Finding It Again

By Ken Page L.C.S.W. on May 13, 2016 in Finding Love
My extraordinary father recently passed away at 90. How he freed himself from hate’s grip, healed his relationship with me, and reclaimed his love for his wife is a story of hope.

When Trust Feels Impossible, Try Hope

By Katherine Hawley Ph.D. on May 13, 2016 in Trust
Hope can be a first step back towards trust.

5 Tips for Dating Someone Who Struggles With Depression

By Caitlin Cantor LCSW, CST on May 12, 2016 in Modern Sex
It’s painful to watch someone you care about suffer. Learn how to support your partner in their suffering, and foster connection and closeness.

Holding the Mast in the Dark Night Sea Storm

When we fight, it can feel like we are adrift in a violent, dark night sea storm.

Does "Mother Love" Play a Role in Rearing Better Dogs?

Puppies that are not frequently touched by their mother may grow up to be more easily frightened and less sociable.

Will Your Relationship Last? Let's Fight About It and See!

Fighting is bad for marriage, right? Wrong. Fighting is inevitable. However, how you and your partner fight strongly predicts whether your relationship will thrive or fail.

Am I Heading for a Bad Marriage? My Spouse Is So Annoying

If only my spouse would change...Or is that a mistaken path to follow?

As Good As It Gets

This is why people stay in unhealthy relationships.

Should You Expect More From Your Relationship, or Less?

We all have expectations for our romantic relationships. But should we be raising or lowering those expectations? The answer may depend on your relationship skills.

I Want to Get Along with My Stepmother

What To Do About Tricky Step-family Dynamics